Monday, June 29, 2009

Rosy June Morning

My paintbrush has developed this recent habit of gravitating to all the pink paint pots. This rabbit may be wearing a blue scarf, but the plaid accents are raspberry, a country cousin to pink.
I've looped a bunch of thyme over this rabbit's neck, and in back, there is a deep indention in the clay, at an upward angle, so he stays securely on a nail.
This bird is holding a necklace by Nina Bagley, a very simple but earthy one that seems to go with everything I wear. Even overalls, well especially them. The egg is glass and is a lampwork bead made by her sister, Ellen.

Pink again. See what I mean?

This jar contains rose petal jelly. I wanted the sun to light this up, so you can see the clarity and lovely pure rosiness of it. Its made by Jenny, who gathers the rose petals in her Utah garden.

The name drawn by my seafaring husband: Daffodil. I've written her, and want to thank all of you. you know I'd like to send you all a honey pot, but you do have my good wishes and gratetful heart.


salty pebble said...

Thats beautiful!! wow! you are amazingly i love ur rabbit. and the rose jelly how gorrrrrgeous! ;0)xx

lilylovekin said...

Congratulations to Daffodil. I will be waiting at your etsy store as you list your items this morning. I love the bird and rabbit wall plagues.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

The photograph of the rose petal jelly is outstanding !! Just Beautiful ! Great Job !

Love the setting and the light is fantastic.

I'm feelin..well, pink.
Thank You !

Aunt Jenny said... are a doll...and the picture of my jelly is awesome...I can hardly see what goodies you come up with next...I love love love your garden ladies!

farmlady said...

I found you. I googled your name and your blog came up. I'm so glad. What lovely art pottery you create. The wall plaques are just beautiful. I will return again.

Laura said...

your world and what you share with us is so beautiful. thank you!

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Animals who garden
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