Sunday, July 5, 2009

Speak To The Earth

My mother really has the prettiest garden in town. Every spot is tenderly watched over, and I've just taken pictures of one small corner. That's me lurking in my clay clothes at the top of the walkway. If I turn to my left, I can go up the stairs and be in the kitchen. Today, there were brownies waiting. I love to wander around this place, I can find loved ones who I miss and thought were gone, but I find they've been here all the time.
Duck as you walk by the grapefruit tree, and go into the rose garden through the wire gate, added to deter the white tailed deer, who browse anyway. And if the house looks grey to you, don't tell my mother. She insists it's blue.

The pathway to the back door.

I found this anonymous poem in an old garden book. Its spoken from the point of view of the garden itself. Its been pinned to a corkboard in my workroom for years, I thought you might like it too.

I, Your Garden
I bring serenity to your life.
No human pursuit gives more pleasure to your days
than the creating of me.
I am outwardlly your own accomplishment,
but in the business of me, God is your more
than equal partner.
I am at once your solace in sorrow and your
inspiration for endeavor.
My flowering hand is outstretched to welcome you
at the end of the day;
My leafy arms reach yearningly for you when you return
from the longer absence.
I keep your feet on the ground, both physically and spiritually,
and something, none the less acutal because unseen,
flows from me into your body and soul, something that makes you valiant
and gives you the joy of living.
I am your flowers and vines and trees,
and the soil that gives them life.
I Am Your Garden.

Speak to the Earth and It shall teach thee.


cabin fever said...

I have looked at this 3 times, each time seeing new pieces of your mom's wonderful gardens.

What a treat.

I LOVE your garden poem, I LOVE your garden dome.

It is all so beautiful.

Thanks, Julie

Forgetmenot said...

What a delightful day you must be having. I love the garden and I adore the garden dome!

SharonP said...

What a lovely story, and such a beautiful garden. It's good to find your loved ones have not really gone away.

Love your garden poem and dome and yes, the house looks blue from here!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

"Speak to the earth and I shall teach you" sooo true. So glad to see you etsy banner tag is working!

lilylovekin said...

I love your garden poem. How true it is that a garden is a healing place. I can feel so out of sorts and ugly inside and after time spent in my garden I feel better. Your mothers garden is beautiful, there is so much to see in each photo.

Queen of Sweden said...

I haven't seen you in ages so it's great to see a picture of you,Julie! You look fab! Thanks for the inspirational images of your mother's garden and the poem - I think I'll go play in my garden now.

Aunt Jenny said...

LOVE that poem! And your mom's gardens are so pretty!! Is she right near you? It looks like a perfect garden to hang out in. A grapefruit awesome is that? I miss citrus and avocado trees since moving here!!
The garden dome is so lovely!! I just adore all you do.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hello you , Yes. Mom's place is just about a mile from us. THere's lots more, including a pergola and a wooden four seater swing, that creaks like an old screen door. To be continued.

farmlady said...

I've copied the poem. Now it will be on a foothill garden wall as well as by the sea. Love it.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that your mother's enchanting garden would be the inspiration for this lovely poem. This day and YOU are a gift! xoxo Batty

Pat said...

Julie, I found your blog by reading one of my favorite blogs today...Ornamental. Love the pitcher you made her, so had to come take a look. Also went to your that Robin Cup...delightful!!!! So, now, I will want to visit you again as I find you delightful!!! pat

oldflowers4me said...

do you want to come over to our house to eat lilac fairy cakes...

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Animals who garden
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