Saturday, February 25, 2012

for good measure

I've been trying to let my customers know what the size of things are by carefully measuring with wooden yardsticks I keep all over the house. But this way you can see how three different sizes of pots compare to eachother.
I think by holding them in my hands like this you can get a better idea of how they would feel in your hands. You don't really need more than say this porcelain beakers is five inches tall and lightweight. I'm going to be adding gold highlights to the beakers today and firing tonight to list tomorrow. The pots too, but no gold there, I'm keeping them old school
I usually put one of the animals from the farm next to something too. for good measure.
By the way, the hills are turning green around here.
And I've been birdwatching. I took this picture of a cedar wax wing in our yard this morning. They are so wild, and to see a big flock land in one of our juniper or other berry trees is enough to get your tail wagging all day.
Bird beaker with hollyhocks. I sewed some cut up hankie pieces on this linen top for spring.
My button hole stitch is my sewing claim to fame.
Here I'm being inspired by a mouse pincusion my friend Nancy gave me.(thank you Nancy, I love it.xx) Its made by Jennifer Murphy, a girl who really knows her way around a needle and thread. She has a charming blog where you can see more of her work:

A bouquet for you!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

green fingers

My camellia is in full bloom. Its ten feet tall and looks like its covered with snow there are so many blossoms . When we moved here it was a scraggley five feet , I cut the berries that were choking it, cut off the dead wood and I might even have talked to it a little bit. Does this mean I have green fingers?
I have flower fever lately. Here's the pot right by my front door, I have a habit of stuffing it like a turkey at Thanksgiving but its always blooming for me.
More painted pots just out of the kiln
I went to the nursery today just to see if the rannuclus were in. Not yet. Any day now they promised.
Blooms from a wild geranium that grows all over my garden.
Yes, more camellias, with little sprigs of lavender mixed in. I just looked at my hands and there is not a tinge of green there, I'm not a great gardener but I do treasure flowers and time spent on my plot so much . With true gardeners I think its must be like Reginald Arkell says
'Green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart'

The mister drew this name from the hat for the hedgehog pot. Pippa's Garden, my email address is , I will send this off as soon as I hear from you.

Happy gardening everyone! February is the month to start your sweet peas~

xxx julie

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw