Friday, October 30, 2009

Portrait of a Badger

There is a crick in my neck because I've had my head down making and storing, like the badger here. I'd practically finished everything for two shows in November, so Thursday was set aside for painting and making new pieces for my lately neglected Etsy shop.
But I woke up Thursday thinking uh oh, feeling a bit low. Was it the dreaded Pork Pie Flu?
So I slogged around the house, in a blue checkered nightie, peachy striped socks and two different flowered tee shirts. Oh, and hair that looked even worse than when I'd just alighted from the Tilt-o-World at the County Fair. Then this morning, things were different. I felt like I could paint a comittee of badgers, and make them supper too. I think it was the chicken stock I had for dinner and the fresh fruit. And maybe a little bit was the antibiotic the Dr. gave me.

The badger joins the rabbit, who dreams of living in a house by the sea. A house with many windows. All the animals are members of the Ambleside Association for the protection of the countryside, hedgerows, dells , and woodland.

It felt awfully swell to go out to my studio with real clothes. Although I still think the hair needs work.

And I even came up with an idea for all these pieces of my broken pottery which involves drill bits and waxed linen thread.

New pieces in the works for my little store with the always open sign freshly washed and the door knocker polished.
That bracelet is by the talented Pamela of Thatch and Burrow
i promise a better picture of this lovely piece soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where I work

As I step into my studio, this is what I see to my left. Its where my animal busts live until they migrate to a show or to Etsy. This week I have new members of the Association. There's a pricklepin, a wood mouse and a barn owl.

I found most of these old cabinet card frames on Etsy. They make nice windows for the animals to look through.

This is my desk and usually its loaded with clay plates and cups in various stages of drying, but I cleaned it off so you 'll think I'm tidy and diligent. (don't be fooled)

My inspiration board for fall. The photo of the sleeping doll with the stuffed animals waiting for her to wake up is the work of Rekecka Ryberg Skott. Her work is imaginative and always tells a story, plus her sense of color is wonderful.

This moblie is something new I am working on. Different small clay components, with beads, and even some sewing. All strung on waxed linen thread. I call them 'Good Omens'. That
piece of art in the background is by Cathy Cullis. I always ask for a piece of her work for my birthday from my husband, and as I write this, I think my newest gift should be flying over Maine about now.

my pottery tools

In the nineties, I owned a shop here in Cambria. Finnie McClure. I sold some antiques, old books, and things I made. But twice a week after closing I would drive to attend my pottery class. And soon, I couldn't think of anything but a life in clay. Still, i loved my little shop. This chalkboard hung right by the front door, and now it hangs in my studio. The words and colors are a little faded, but i won't erase it because I like the sentiment.

So there's more but isn't that enough of a tour for today? While i have your attention, I want to thank you for your comments, support and encouragment. Means the world..........



Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw