Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tea Party

These new mugs are the result of a few requests for a roomier cup for those who like caffe lattes, lots of milk in their tea, or just more of it. They are porcelain, so are lighter. I've added a very thin strip of clay to the base and wrapped it under to guard against leaks. Of course so far they are all different sizes. I don't seem capapble of making matching sets.
A squirrel with a peach pie, a fox with a basket of tea leaves, and a gardening lady whose been watering her herb garden. These are now on my kitchen counter, filled with water and sitting on a dish towell to make sure they don't spring a leak! Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop if there are no tell tale water marks.

Here are my mug and honey pot, used daily. That's my dog, Emma on the front. I made the honey pot for my husband to commemorate a happy day at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. A memorable day on which we saw a painting by Paul Cezanne. That honey pot was in the painting. Cezanne must of loved faience pottery, because he painted it many times. I bought a post card of that work, brought it to my treehouse and recreated it as faithfully as I could.

This tea, Calming moment, came all the way from Finland. My friend Delila sent me four different varieties of Forsman Tea, with the ingredients transalted into english. Wasn't that thoughtful? This one is my favorite. It has a meadowy, summery fragrance, and I think I can say without any exaggeration, it changed my tea drinking life. I couldn't imagine going on without this elixier, and just so I wouldn't have to plead for more from Delila, I found a little company in Washington state who sells it! By the way, Delila has a charming blog, robinandthesage.bogspot.com

If you want to have a Finnish meadow in your kitchen you can find the tea here;



Aunt Jenny said...

The mugs are beautiful and the tea sounds SOOOOO good..will have to order some for sure!

cabin fever said...

Your blog has really moved me, dear Julie - of course the new pieces are just devine, as always, and everyone needs a little JW pottery with their tea...........

But, it's so nice the way you show us parts of your life through your art. It all blends together as one beautiful piece after another.

It is such a pleasure to read this!


PS - What kind of cookies are those?!!

lilylovekin said...

I like the idea of a large mug, I always have a large cup of coffee with cream every am. I'll have to add one of these to my collection.

Delila Jemaiel said...

Julie, your mugs are so charming! Absolutely lovely. I especially like the squirrel one, i have soft spot for them, but also foxes are very dear creatures... have seen many of them here.


p.s. thank you for mentioning me!

Lisa Cook said...

I just discovered your delightful work! I hope you will have more in your Etsy shop so that I might buy a special piece some time soon. Your themes remind me of Beatrix Potter and Marjolein Bastin and yet your style is uniquely YOURS. LOVE your pieces to pieces! Of course, one wouldn't want that to happen. All my best wishes.

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Animals who garden
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