Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cambria Wine Festival

We are having a wine festival in Cambria this weekend starting tomorrow, January 28th. Wine tastings at the Vet's hall, lots of artists 'demoing' their craft and I've made some pottery glasses and cordials too. Mostly woodland animals holding up a cup for you to sip framboise, amaretto or grand mariner.

You can take a break and have a picnic at the beach. The weather is in the seventies. Bring your shades and coppertone.

Now just for instance. At the grocery last night I faced the wine isle. Hundreds of local wines. The wine distributor was stocking the shelves and I told him what I wanted. Zinfandel. Old Vine. Good with Italian food. So he handed me this. Dears it was only ten dollars. And it is a concerto of fruity xanadu. There are wine shops here too, and a couple of great places for lunch, but what I'd do is get a to go at Sotos Market on Main Street. The Number six sandwich and plenty of napkins.

cordials are just for a sip or two. Wines large enough for a few nice healty gulps

Watch out for the snow egrets on the rocks at moonstone beach

Check out Chambers gallery on Main Street.

Patricia Griffin Studios in the Old School house on Main next to the library

The brand new Terry DeLapp Gallery in the Creamery building on Main. Terry paints tonalist paintings of the farms in the surrounding valleys and coastal seascapes. He's a town treasure and a brilliant painter.

Hope to see you .
Don't forget a corkscrew


Thursday, January 20, 2011

bird girls

Here are a few warning signs that you, dear reader, are a bird girl. Firstly, you find yourself looking up when you see a flock of birds zigzaging across the sky, and watch raptly until they dissapear.
You mark Bird Festivals on your calendar. While there, you bite your lip over the ultra lightweight deluxe binoculars and calculate if you give up chocolate for the entire year you might be able to wedge them into your grocery budget.

Here's my very own second sighting this past weekened at the Morro Bay Bird Festival. He stalked frogs as quietly as the grass growing beneath him.

My first sighting happened above, at Morro Rock. I watched a pair of Perigrine Falcons. The fastest birds in the avian world. 200 MPH in dives!

Bird girls are postitive there are birds in heaven. This is irrefutible.
I can see you nodding now. See? you are a bird girl......

These lovliest of wrist warmers were knit by Helen Lambert. Aren't they exquisite?

Helen sometimes features her work on her blog:

Listing as promised today.
and thank you for the comments on my last post.
what generous hearts you have.
April to pilot them
May speeding after
And each bird's compass
His small red heart.
john clare

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw