Tuesday, October 25, 2011

from the heart

This is Lori. Stellar photographer, wonderful knitter, and all around the kind of person who its good to know is walking the earth. Lori has a great blog.
This is acrylic and a little bit of oil pastel on canvas, 8x10. I primed the canvas with burnt sienna, then drew in the face with charcol and began to add the layers of paint.
The bird is a roller, from Africa. Lori's favorite bird.

One of Lori's beautiful portraits.

I learned that if you paint things that mean something to you it adds to the still life.

So here is my favorite glass, one of my cafe au lait bowls and the last of the summer peaches.

The geranium blossom is from my mother's garden, and now is rooting in a flower pot!

Lots more cafe bowls to paint...

We went to Santa Barbara for my birthday. Yes, its really this gorgeous

After the museum we stopped in at the ultimate grocery store, Lazy Acres. Can you even believe this produce section?

More ornaments to list today........

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Monday, October 3, 2011

back to the woods

Everyone knew the time arrived to get back to the woods.

Except for Red Riding Rabbit, who'd decided to take a detour.

Let's go Red! all her friends called........

The nights were coming on sooner

Fox was very savvy and carried two lanterns.

Red dropped off the cake to Grandma and hurried on.

This gingerbread deliciousness was made by Kary.

They would come back and see the farmlady at halloween though;

Everyone would think they were in costumes!

Only you and I know their secret.

Have fun in the woods, but be careful of the wolf.




Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw