Monday, July 7, 2014

plate du jour

Faience plates are finicky. Its taken me years to figure out how to do it and even now this isn't perfect. But flaws are what make us human, so  a bump there and a errant brush stroke are only because I am so very flawed. Kinda like this plate. ))
I put a flower by this Sweet Pea plate to show the size which is just about 12 inches in diameter.

with a new cup. And the cup is pretty good sized too.
This one is different; rolled out without much trimming , a plate rustique.
(I'm using all these French terms because I've been watching a French Movie)
and its smaller, a plate for crème brulee or gauteu l'orange.

Have you seen the work of Danny Mansmith? He is a needle artist; and I think you should see what I received in the mail.....
a gorgeous bucket bag. He free stitiched over the black and white bird fabric, its like a heavy linen, added this tiny wreath medallion on the front , sturdy reliable and arty and expertly made.
It came wrapped like a gift from Pan too,

See? He has a shop;
and right now there are some very wonderful bags; one inparticular called Botanical
I wish someone would buy before I do. And you won't believe how reasonable his prices are.
My last news is that I have a new bedside lamp and I can read again before I sleep, and I started with
Borderland, by Robert Blythe. Little snippits of gold in the form of a Country Diary and the perfect thing to center oneself before sleep and so full of wisdom it fairly drips on the night table. Next I'm reading his "Wormingford" which is supposed to be his crowning achievement .
Hope you all are having a lovely summerxx

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw