Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Pal

I never met a dog I didn't like. Our first family dog, Jasper, used to yank mom's best percale pillowcases off the clothesline and blast down McConnel Avenue, dragging them in the gutter.
I didn't care, I liked Jasper.

Dogs trust us. If they are hurt we want to make it better. We want them to be happy;

Like my beautiful Emmie

And Kary's toy poodle, Teddy.

What do we care if they are of indeterminate parentage?

I painted some dogs and other things with new art supplies, thanks to Lynne Hoppe.

Lynne has a wonderful and inspiring blog, and talks about interesting ways to put images on different paper surfaces. Plus, she generously lists what supplies she uses.

Oh, and her work is brilliant.

Here is a smattering of my new supplies. Pastels from France, Crayon watercolor pencils from Switzerland, and paper from U.S.A.

I have just one more thing to add about dogs.

I think the dogs we loved and have gone on before us are waiting to join us again.

Like Mattie here. Something so full of love and goodness just must be forever.

Hug your dogs for me!



Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Pie Party

Donkey told Chicken that he would celebrate the first day of summer with a pie party.
"Am I invited?" Chicken asked.
"You may have the apple peelings." answered Donkey.

Donkey returned to his pink house and scoured his recipie box. This was one of his favorites, from Viv in the pie country of Stafford.

In need of more pies, he trotted to Farmer Julie's and found her gathering beefsteak tomatoes.

He asked her to make a cox orange pippin apple pie.

"Am I invited?" asked Farmer Julie.

"Yes", said Donkey, "If you don't comment on table ediquitte."
So Farmer Julie made a pie. She kept the peelings for Chicken.
And she cut out the shape of a donkey with a toothpick and placed it on the top.
Hedgehog, however, made the tastiest pie of all. Strawberry rhubarb with a dash of lemon zest and extra cinnamon and a sprinkling of castor sugar on the top. It was a tiny triumph. She also wore her favorite bonnet.
All arrived at Donkey's on the first afternoon of summer.
They pulled their special cups from the sideboard. They ate pie, drank tea and gossiped.
There were some frightening manners displayed, but Farmer Julie kept right on sipping and smiling. After all, she was very happy to be in Donkey's pink house, with all of his pie-loving friends.

Happy Summer everyone!

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw