Friday, September 21, 2012

Good dog

My dog, Emmie
She's not what you'd call good.

The loudest barker in the hood
who ripped the couch and ate a chair
when there was no one sitting there.

But her eyes give off a light
and her tail wags left to right
when I come home at night
So I guess the rests allright......
Listing this morning;
hope your tail is wagging with happy plans for the weekend

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September garden

September is wonderful in the garden. Nasturtiums are blooming, the rose hips are forming, asters and chrysanthemums are putting on a big show and the hens are fat and sassy.

Beekeeper's garden is especially bountiful.

I found the most beautiful blouse I've ever seen. Its by Nadir Positano from Italy.

I did try to buy it but no shipping all the way from Sweden, though it looks as if it could just float here on a breeze doesn't it? So since i can't have it, I let it inspire me for the blouse on my September Garden girl in the painting above. The perfect blouse to wear while feeding the chickens.

I've planted a container garden outside the dining room window, and look whats blooming, and pink too. One of them is a raggedy pink hollyhock. Just pure sweet luck.

This wonderful seascape was done by my friend, Victoria Greene, who lives in town and whose house I was invited to for tea. Vicki has the most beautiful garden in town. (In September or any other month) And house too. And she's a wonderful artist who does amazing work with palatte knives. She's just begun a blog and if you visit there you will see our tea party~

A couple of years ago I discovered the work of Russian artist Yuri Vasnetsov. I am pretty well smitten with his illustrations for children's books. They are so exhuberant.. Doesn't this look like September in the woods?

This little hedgehog would like to thank you with all her heart for your comments on my last post about Kary. Those comments were so kind and your outpouring of compassion was such a comfort to me. thank you , wonderful blogging friends



Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw