Saturday, January 30, 2010

Like two birds

Yesterday, we decided to fly away, just the Mister and I.

First, I cut a boquet, the first of this year.
I pulled a scarf from the rack by the front door.........

We boarded our donkey. (Wait, that part I made up.)

And like two birds we flew away.

I needed to stop at the ranch to see if the white pelicans were back. They were not, but I did have a stare down with a squirrel. He won.

I stalked the wine section at Cost Plus, and evesdropped while the clerk raved to a customer about a certain red, the best they had at the moment. It just so happened thats exactly what I needed for Saturday night supper.

Stopped at the beach too. The big waves tossed up more rocks than I'd ever seen there.

More seaweed than ever before too. Enormous tentrils, wrapped around the rocks like vines

Home again, home again. My prized bottle of wine, to go with
steak, brussel sprouts and scalloped potatoes. Shortbread for dessert
And for our winged friends, that's fresh wild birdseed in the jar.

Happy Saturday friends!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Cup a Day

A cup a day. A vessel, beaker, potion, goblet, mug, demitasse, chalice and taster. Every day. That is the plan. To be posted on Flickr, starting tomorrow morning with this cup.
Now this is supposed to look like a piece of patched material. So loved by its owner that she couldn't bear to throw it away, and added snippets of fabric to the worn spots. The fact that its clay is just a side issue.

Here is something from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Its so delicate, so eighteenth century. Can you imagine holding a butterfly for a handle? I can, and there is already one made and drying in the sun, which is gratefully beaming on us again after six inches of rain this week.
V and A again. Designs for cups. about 1800.

From the pinnacle of design, to this humble enameled cup, made in Mexico.
And just in case you wondered, the word 'cup' is from middle English, 'cuppe' about 1150.
Now its my pleasure to introduce you to someone, just in case you haven't met.

I wanted to tell you about Viv at Hens Teeth, in case you didn't know her works. I'm holding a needlecase here, so beautifully crafted and the best size, the kind of needlecase that makes you run for your sizzors and pin cushion so you can get started Making.
The back is just as pretty as the front. Viv and I swopped. I feel very lucky today that she likes my pottery.

I'm going to use this sketchbook for my cup designs. All these stitches are single thread, the craftsmanship is stellar and the size again is just right for sketching. The papers are a wonderful quality. Viv's blog is delightful and links to her Etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit, and wishing you a very happy, healthy 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Bird festival

Over 200 species of birds. That is the winter bird count in Morro Bay, on the Central coast of California. The Audobon Society lists it as one of the top five areas for birding in the United States. So where do you think I took myself on Friday, along with my husband and sister? To the Winter Bird Festival right down the road.
There's sighting walks, and boat rides, hikes, and a Common Room with bird related things for sale. This work above is by a pottery friend, Paula Teplitz. I thought seriously about one of her mortar and pestles to grind herbs. Aren't they wonderful?

I turned a little dizzy I looked through so many books.

Here's the one I chose. And one of Paula's tiny cups painted with a beetle.

In the late afternoon I did a little birdwatching on my own. Can you see the group of birds sitting on the rock? Black cormorants. This rock is usually crammed with white pelicans, so this was an interesting sighting.

Here's the ranch where I go birding, just a couple of blocks from our house

Looks like I found a bird egg. But its a sea rock, rolled and tossed into an egg shape over many years at sea.

It came home with me too.
The Bird Festival is every mid January in Morro Bay. If you want to attend, I'll share the best places to camp or stay, and restaurants too. Don't forget your birding binoculars.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Away away

Last night I dreamed
that I was swept
up to the blue
where stars are kept

It could be the flocks of birds I've seen lately, or some I've been making out of clay, or maybe I'm just feeling happy at the start of this new year. It seems as clear and lucid as a pool of fresh rainwater.

I've been dreaming alot about flying. I looked it up, and the combined wisdom writes that meanings include: Inspriation, relief from tension, or striving for something better.
And of course the desire to get away, for a bit, and just soar up there.

So tuck a bird feather under your pillow and dream away, and I promise you'll land safely again.
Listing today in my shop, some flying pieces and down to earth ones too.

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw