Friday, November 27, 2009

A Woodland Christmas

Trek a ways to the North,
At the White Oak, turn East.
On to a dell, then through the Pine wood,
and there you'll find the Feast.

Squirrel ages apple cider, and there is a roomy teakettle, so everyone has plenty.
Mouse leaves her house and brings plum pudding

Hedgehog brews the finest punch, with essense of rose hip and elder flowers

Fox procures a goose egg. Let's hope he asked for permission to take it, like a gentleman.

Rabbit finds the perfect tree.

Barn Owl leads everyone in carols. 'The Friendly Beasts' is a crowd favorite.

See you there at three o'clock sharp. Bring more candles, if you please.

The ornaments start out small, about two inches tall, somehow though, they start to come out larger. This fox, made on Thanksgiving morning, will need a substantial branch on the fir tree.

He's almost four inches long!

See you at the party



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pottery adornments

I think of these necklaces as good omens. I paint things that bring good luck or happiness.
A rare green bird, a rabbit leaping through a meadow, or a home on a hill with a fireplace crackling inside. And its all because of a special linen thread, dipped in beeswax and imported from Ireland. Once I held it, and began stringing odd buttons and faience beads onto it, I was a goner. That led to finding the right glass beads, subtle colors with alot of emphasis on green.
The cottage necklace. A house shaped bead, accented with an old calico button, a heart painted to look like old crockery and a bee buzzing close by. The clasp is artisan sterling. It hits, this necklace, right above your heart.

A simpler version, with a scalloped heart, and glass accent beads.

This is a bracelet, and its definately a statement piece, because its big. Maybe to be worn with a a whopper of a hand knit sweater. I'm using the 'S' hooks for the necklaces, but for this , I've strung it on wire because it seemed imperative to put the green pearls inbetween the beads. So I'm researching for the best clasp. You see, I'm a potter, not a jeweler, and this whole experience has made me appreciate authentic adornmanet makers like Nina Bagley. For a treat, look thru her sold items at her Etsy store. Things that look like they were worn by heronines and divinities.

A rabbit has stoppped to watch you inbetween his leaps thru a neighboring meadow.
All these necklaces will find their way to my Etsy store.
One week until Thanksgiving! I hope yours is joyful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bird party

All the lovely ladies waited patiently in line until they heard the shop bell ring, and Bonnie opened the door and welcomed them inside. The annual Christmas party then began.The name of Bonnie's shop is Bird's of a Feather, but everyone I know calls it 'Birds'. Full of antiques, books and craft, its as warm and charming as I hope these pictures show. It was wonderful to see friends there, like Dana, Barbara and Jana. And Marsha, those brown sugar cupcakes you made were delicious. I brought one home to Kim and he's dropping hints right and left about me wheedling that recipe out of you.
I even made a special necklace to go with my outfit. Remember the bits of pottery in my studio?
I added some new ones, found beads that reminded me of bird's eggs, and made some faience beads painted like shards of old transferware.

Ready to string on waxed linen thread, a new rabbit necklace.

I always drift to this cupboard at Birds. Full of old Children's books and herds of tiny animals.

My pottery was lucky enough to be represented at the show. Here is a cake topper, with slots for candles and animals marching in a circle singing happy birthday.

I thought I heard this black and white cow moo my name several times.

A collection of socks, stripey and othewise.

Bonnie carries these beautiful felt purses by Cindy Ferris. They are light and just the right size for a checkbook, lipstick and a little phone. This one flew home with me. What do you think, Liz? These remind me of you.
If you are in Cambria, do stop by. Birds is on 2020 Main Street in the old Creamery Building.
and there is a website too.

I promised a better picture of this bracelet by Pamela at Thatch and Burrow.
So here is Eve in the Garden. Isn't it something?

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw