Wednesday, May 23, 2012

garden girls

Last weekend was the Garden Tour here in Cambria. When I wasn't planting or watering, I've been working on a new painting .

In between times I went garden hopping myself. I saw window boxes that defied the laws of physics they were so full and lush.

I picked flowers

I started a new book

It's cover reminded me of an older one, that never does fade in our hearts.

A drive to see wildflowers is always the perfect way to spend a May afternoon , there's lot of mustard and poppys lately and big patches of pink wild sweet peas

This is one of my favorite images to paint, So I put it in my big painting below. I brought it in to photograph and realized I forgot to add the wallpaper design; its going to be pale white primroses. Its a big painting for me, 36 x 24. I looked forward to working on it every morning for weeks, I'm glad I still have a little bit left before I finish.

The kitty is a garden girl too, and wears a bell around her neck to warn the birds.

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments! And thanks too to my new followers~

Happy gardeningxxx julie

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blooming May

Suddenly everthing is beginning to put on its prettiest May dress

Through the dining room window I can see sweet peas and roses, and smell them too.

Mine are on a tomato cage~Not as lush and awe inspiring as these!

I once painted sweet peas all over a teacup. I knew when I finished it I wouldn't be doing one again, so I hung it on a hook in my sideboard and use it for Spring Tea parties.

A new windmill. Lithograph tin. I adore this because its made to be a little house.

My dream, to live in a windmill.

On the water,(since I'm building castles in the sky).

Bluebirds in the garden and a sweet pea patch out back.

Up the stairs to our front door. Someone who is very tall and has a bristley moustache has to duck a little to get home, but he doesn't complain.

More pots for my shop

Now I must rush, there are bouquets to cut and sweet peas to water!



Monday, May 7, 2012

little pink houses

We took a road trip and this is where we went. Lots of painted houses by the sea.
yes, they really are this wonderful in Pacific Grove, California
Lover's cove, a good place to picnic and swim after.

There was shopping too. This is Tancredi and Morgen in Carmel Valley.  Marsha, the creative genius behind this shop makes the scarves and designs clothes, does displays that make you see things in a whole new way.

My friend Gwyneth, isn't she darling? An accomplished painter who shows her paintings at Tancredi and Morgen~

Gallerying in Carmel
Two whole mornings were spent at the Montery Bay Aquarium. You can get very close to the birds. I did and developed a crush on this oystercatcher. Who wouldn't?
Another crush, this time on a sea turtle.
           Its crowded there!
We saw the hundred year moon Saturday night coming home from dinner.!
A picnic on the strand in Carmel
Goodybe Golden Plover!

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw