Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer on the Farm
It pains me to say I've never lived on a farm.
I've hugged a baby pig, and petted and ridden donkeys;
I'm very fond of chickens too.
My friend Carolyn also likes farms

Especially bee keeping farms.
My new kiln has been slow getting here so I've been painting, but Carolyn mailed me this picture with her fabulous honey cupboard and her collection of my bee related potteries. I looked at the beehive tea pot and wondered who made that? )). It took me a minute before I realized I did!
There has been apple pie making~

I added a rabbit to the top crust and invited our favorite neighbors.
The sort who love dogs, you know , our sort.
I found the most wonderful dish towels , this makes about three dozen in my cupboard.
I really should stop now with my dish towel hobby. But could you resist either?
Back to the farm.........
Goat says hope you are having a wonderful summer.
And donkey says remember to drink plenty of water when your in hot weather.
xxx lots of happy summer wishes from the farm

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flower Power

There are blooms everywhere around here. More than enough to make a crown of  them.

Scores to fill fields and hillsides,
And little vases.
A new painting of a lady planting out her annuals as her white dog and bird look on. There's someone else near the greenhouse too. Its called Ghost Garden.
I've been reading this book by Molly Peacock. Its about a lady who at 72 began to make paper collages of flowers, so exquisite and lifelike its difficult to tell they are paper. She invented the genre of paper collage and the book is fascinating as this all takes place in the 1770's.
yes. paper,

I'm having a listing in my shop this morning,
Badger is attending........

Happy June!

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw