Monday, November 21, 2011

snow flurries

Its snowing in there.
When I saw an article on Martha explaining how to make snow globes, I made a few figures .
After all I grew up on snow globes like these above, all from California. (From an antique website)
So I went out and found supplies, distilled water and isopropyl alchohol too;
I rushed back home
washed a jar
When the figures were glued on lid (roughened up with sandpaper to make glue stick) I waited 24 hours and added the ingredients to the jar; Filled nearly full with the distilled water, a dollop of glycerine and another of the alchohol and a tablespoon of glitter. I shook it, definately the best part.
Here's another one drying. Now when I go to the grocery store, I can't keep away from the bottled goods section. I'm looking for a more globe type shape. I think I'll have good luck in the orange marmalade section.
Hope you all have a thrilling Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

remember me

Autograph books are small time capsules. You can almost hear the pen scratching across the page as you look at them. Beautiful sentiments to a friend, like the one above.
"Life is short, Oh may it be
full of happiness for thee."

Some of my Etsy customers might recognize these as they are thank you's to put in with pottery. I've just added some watercolor images, and color copy them on cardstock and there is my notecard.
Since Carrie put a butterfly die cut next to her name,
I put wings on her

And some dancing animals for Dwight

Here's a painting of the era by Felix Vallotton. I'm sure many of these people signed thier names in autograph books, besides I wanted to show it to you because its so wonderful.

As shure as comes your wedding day,

A broom to you I'll give,

In sunshine use the brushy part,

In storm the other end....

Victorian ink bottles, what the signers would dip thier pens into before writing

Lydia, Way back here where nobody will look

I'll sign my name in your book~

I even used an old water color palatte to paint on the paper.

Another watercolor box of the era.

This is just as found , all hand done in one of the old autograph books.

Remember me!

(I'll remember you)


Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw