Monday, June 25, 2012

bird watchers

We are all birdwatchers really. Even if you watch a flock of geese honking across the horizon you are bonafide.

Then there are the binoculars. You know you are a goner when its more important to have a good pair than that new pair of pink shoes you've been longing for.

Here's a guy I saw at San Simeon last week.
Look at these wonderful nests in Zambia, Africa

I don't have those, but I have bluebirds in my garden.

and somewhere there is a dipper that I am going to see soon. That is my dream bird sighting.

They run along the stream, then right underwater looking for water bugs. Sometimes they nest behind waterfalls. Have you seen one?

I once had a bird land on my head and stay for a while. Do you think he thought my hair was good nest material?

Second bird dream: To see the migration of the sandhill crane
I've heard Indiana is one of the best places to see them.

A nest from a friend, it was found abandoned in a tree at San Simeon Ranch. Lined with horsehair and three real eggs.

Have you seen any interesting birds lately?

Don't forget to polish those lenses~



Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunny side up

Thank you so much for your comments on the hollyhock post! The cup is going to Lynne H., who I will write as soon as I tell you about my promised update.....

I lost a kilnload. The whole thing; there was a miscalculation and the firing went klafooee.

I did have a woe is me moment or two. But I've tossed the pottery in the bin and I'm moving onward.

I do have a small listing of an earlier firing that did turn out; but still I'm setting off today with two others in tow, to Sebastians outdoor restaurant where I plan to have a turkey sandwich to go with my beer, which will be the main course.

And where I plan to do plenty of birdwatching inbetween sips.



Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've been inspired to paint hollyhocks lately. They start out humbly at the back of the garden , just mostly gangly stems and lettuce like leaves~

and before long, they are stealing the whole show. Kind of like sunflowers do, except hollyhocks are more girly.

There have even been books written about what to do with the blossoms and seed heads,

make dolls of course!

Dogs find they are a good place to seek some shade when summer starts to come on stronger

I prefer the old fashioned single petal variety

Nantucket wonderfulness. If they can grow here, where its surrounded by the sea and sometimes windy and foggy, they can make it almost anywhere.

In town, too. Do they grow where you live?

I've got a hollyhock cup to give away to a random commenter, pinched and porcelain and just right for sipping tea or wine from while you admire your own stand of flowers, or pour over seed catalogs picking out the best colors and perfect spot for the 'Althea Rosea'

Against that back fence maybe?



Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw