Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blooming May

I've carved out a new corner for painting.
It started as a sketch for a larger painting, to try out different colors.
But I just kept going and now its nearly done.
(I'm trying to figure out where to add a hedgehog.)
So mulling, I took a trip through the garden. My pentstemon have never bloomed like this~
The catmint is soft and smells almost minty. I guess that's why its named catmint.)
The Mexican sage is growing about an inch a day, I think it looks like giant lavender
 What's May without Petunias?
 The Cecile bruenner rose has taken over the stairway

I've got new clay things made, and I was so over the lunar scape to buy this vintage wallpaper. Almost enough for a wing wall somewhere. I wish I could make a dress out of it!
This little corner of the garden is special, because almost everything is a volunteer,
The lemon balm, little ground cranesbill and even the daisy, just popped up.
Only the geranium is planted, an anniversary gift from the Mr.
After all that mulling, I still can't decide where to put the Hedgehog, she must be in the house, baking a strawberry pie.
xx Julie

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw