Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, bigger anyway. This is the largest thing I have done in years: Part of my New year's resolve to make some larger things. 24 x 30 and a month of Sundays to paint. Wonderful Sundays with the fog ebbing around , then leaving me for the day with a nice light to paint by.

Swiss artist Paul Klee was one of the pioneers of cubist paintings in the early 1900's.
I've been seeing alot of these riffs on cubist paintings in the last couple of years and have been planning on doing one. Since you portion off the canvas, I thought it was a good way to go big.

I primed the whole canvas first with yellow ochre acrylic. Then I used a ruler to keep the edges square.

I used mostly greens and blues for the base colors, with lots of building up with white, gesso and acrylic mediums for texture.

In a way they are folky like patchwork quilts.

(I'm still going to make tiny things.)

Here's how I start. Over a yellow ochre primed canvas I squared in the blocks of color
on this 8 x 10

When it dried, I went back and tightened things up and added the first layer of color for the images and words.

After more detail I finished with this soft Gel gloss. Its wonderful. I looked long and patiently for the right finish. It adds texture and a subtle sheen.

I put it on and let dry overnight.

Now its time for a new year and do I wish that yours is healthy and prosperous and happy?



A thousand times




Thursday, December 15, 2011


The tree is what did it, made me feel jolly. Carrying the tubs of ornaments up the stairs, setting them on the red chair and looping them over bristley branches. All the while listenting to the plunking of a A Music Box Christmas.
I've made some new ornament designs. Like my very first deers, and this cat with fish.
And some standbys from down on the farm
New pages in my autograph book for hedgehog fans.
I hear Santa is resting up by the seaside before his yearly voyage
Drinking lots of fortifying punch!
Here at the faded and seaworn Foggy Cottage we'll be home for Christmas,

with grateful hearts and plenty of Christmas cookies..

Thinking of you all and wishing you all the joy of the season



Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas in their hearts

I am a needlework fan. This is the wall next to my bed, where I put my book at night, and my glasses too, before I put out the light.

Some of these craftswomen have sent me the most wonderful things, like this embroidered bird, from Jone at Pantry Violets. I keep it with my spice jars, right in my kitchen.

This beautiful bunting was knit by Lori. I had a big blank space over my bed, and then Lori sent me this package and I nearly tripped running down the hall to hang it here! Isnt' it amazing how the colors match the quilt?

Mary Stanley sent me this little house which was just what the neighborhood on my wall needed. Mary hooks rugs too, and is a wonderful needlewoman.

this isn't exactly needlework, but its a gift from my talented friend Delila in Finland.

Its resting against a sketchbook, with a needlework cover, by Viv at Hens Teeth.

Viv is a rock star in the stitching world~

A close up of my quilt, the lady who made this cut out and appliqued these flowers all over the top of this, its so lovely. Got it at a garage sale in Santa Barbara. yup.

close up of Lori's work

These ladies are all the best, and feel like 'old friends'.

Little needlecase from New Hampshire, a gift from my mom.

Thanks for stopping by, always such a pleasure to have you visit


Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw