Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gilbert White sits for his portrait

This is Gilbert White, named for the naturalist from Selbourne, England. Gilbert is the founder of the Ambleside Animal Association for the protection of the woods, wolds, moors, meadows, etc. of the Lake District Countryside.
He agreed to pose for me, and all was proceeding quite well, until a great Horned Owl showed up at the cottage to arrange for his sitting. Gilbert dashed out, knocking his mug over in the process. I feel I must make amends, and plan on making him a new mug, as his was cracked.

Portraits soon to be available in my etsy store.


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-

So glad to see you back again on your "Blob"! Love the new animal portrait series, too!

Xoxo Liz

nina said...

oh my...gilbert seems to be related to a certain mr. tine e. mouse!!!! the resemblance is remarkable.
sending love - xo

Oh! Bama said...

Julie, I'm so happy to see you've returned to blogdom! I've checked in regularly, just in case you'd posted. And today you have!!! Hallelujah! Welcome back. Love to you...

bjbluebird said...

love your portrait - can't wait to see more. Encouraging you to combine your love of writing and illustration into a book - it would be a marvelous thing... Love to you, Julie.

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