Sunday, March 11, 2012

button bracelets

One hundred yards of waxed linen thread. That is what I ordered; so when I saw the button bracelet tutorial at I got out my button box and made some of my own.

You double the thread and start with a loop at the front. I decided what button I would loop it over and used that for my measurement. Its important to use a long length of thread, there's lots of knotting and criss crossing you'll be doing.

From the back

Two finished and one new one set to go. On the bottom bracelet you can see how I loop the thread over the button I will use for the closure to make sure it will fit well. I've been wearing one of the braclets all day and its really comfortable and secure.
Emptied kiln, planted some freesias, threw the stick for Emma (about fifty times), two cappucinos and not one mishap.

I took a break yesterday and went antiquing and brought home a new village.

And We had a picnic near Morro Rock at Sandy Cove. Fish and chips with lots of vinegar

This curlew was very friendly, he followed us as we walked along the shore

there were feathers all over the sand

Stopped for pots but came home with more plants than pots. Look at those blooms! I bet you wouldn't of been able to resist either. I will be listing what I did manage to buy tomorrow on Etsy.

Later: In the depths of the button box I found some faience beads that I made last year along with some African trade beads, and used the same formula for a bracelet with those too.

I can't wait to go back to Sandy Cove for another picnic. That place has left its footprint on my heart.
Happy Sunday


button bracelets

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw