Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pincushion Friend

This wanderer of hedgerow, lane
and wood, this spiny hog,
comes gently, snuffling, once again,
emerges from the fog
of centuries bygone, of dreams,
And curls before our sight,
And smokelike, grave and secret seems,
This denzien of night.
Yet charm as ever, conquers all,
As caring holds the key,
To woodland haunt, to coarse brown ball,
To hedgehog mystery!
frank marples

I think its time to form a Society for the Adoration of the Hedgehog. We can serve rosehip punch and custard. Ginger cookies in the shape of acorns. I can think of two people at least who would join in. What about you? Do you want to be the Hedgehog's friend?

In this grouping, there's a herb holder, a little portrait plate, and a lady holding her garden friend. There's a statue too, and a tiny cup to go with it, be advised Hedgehogs like LOTS of milk in their tea.


cabin fever said...

YES! I want to be the hedgehog's friend. This is a feast for the eyes, dear Julie.

Be still my heart!!


farmhouse said...

Can I please have an application sent a.s.a.p. to join the Hedgehog Admiration Society.
Please send it to:
Squirrel Cottage on Upham Street
Special Delivery is preferred.
Thank you for your speedy responce.

If delivered promptly...
A piece of walnut cake will be waiting for the messenger.

Thank You.

bjbluebird said...

I've mentioned your idea of a Hedgehog Admiration Society to my dear friends, Humphrey and Henrietta Hedgehog. They became so excited with the thought of possible parties in their honor that they rolled themselves into their tight little balls and down the hill they went... I do know they love Earl Grey Tea (with lots of milk) and fresh strawberry bread. I do know a very nice woman who bakes a delicious strawberry bread - I wonder if she would be willing to bake a loaf for a hedgehog party?
Your newest pieces celebrate hedgehogs beautifully!

Delila Jemaiel said...

I do love hedgehogs, unfortunately i see them rarely, i think i have seen one once.

and i hardly ever drink my black tea without milk. acorn shaped cookies would be perfect!

there is a story i have been writing about hedgehog community who live on a oak forest... i just must finish it.


Aunt Jenny said...

I just love little plate with the hedgehog gardening is my alltime favorite!
Jelly for pottery any time...that would be awesome. Let me know!!
I keep missing the little plates with the ladies in the garden..LOVE them! I love to see what you come up with!
Have a great week!!

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