Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowman has an annoucement

Thank you for your comments for the drawing. I wrote names on slips of notebook paper and asked my friend, Snowman to pick one. No peeking. Snowman reached in the bowl with a mittened hand and drew out the name Lori, from Lori times five, for the ornament set. Then owl piped up.
"Don't I get to draw a name too?" so Snowman and I obliged, and owl pulled out the name
Christine, from A Mermaids Tale.

So Christine, (all because of Owl) will be receiving the two little cups above. Bluebird and farmhouse in the snow. I will email you both ladies, as
Snowman wants to send these two parcels off on Monday.

I've made a baker's dozen of spoons. Some are long , for deep mixing bowls, and others shorter for serving at the table. There are both oval shaped bowls and rounded bowls.
There are mice with pies, foxes with vegegables for their stews and hedgehogs all set to make strawberry jam.

There is even a cornish rabbit with a cornishware bowl.

All can be hung from a hook, as there is a hole and I've strung through waxed linen thread, durable and sensible too. Listing this weekend. And I hope yours is a lovely one.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas give-a-way, ornament starter set.

All for you. An ornament starter set including a mushroom house, a grey kitty with a red holiday bow, rabbit's cup to hang from the tree, a rabbit with a toadstool, chicken on a silver nest and there has to be a bluebird flying by spreading happiness over your holidays.
just leave a way for me to find you if I draw your name with your comment. And don't be shy now. I'd love to send these to you no matter where you live, that means from Greenland to Sydney and back again.
'Trixie'. An oil on board by Laura Ferrara. Every time I look at this (I've only had it one day, but still) it lifts my heart. Gentle and moving, quirky and endearing. Laura's beautiful spirit eminates from her works.

More of Laura's wonderful works. I think I might be a collector. Blog and links here:

Listing update this weekend.....

A new spoon design with a fox looking down on a snow scene in the country

and a dog who is hoping someone will invite him in. He's yearning to show off his new hat.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mushroom Town

Trek far to the north,
lope uphill, then down;
When the woods turn thick
You're in Mushroom Town.

In winter there's a feast,
to mark the Christmas time;
Each creature brings a gift,
of food or song, or wine.

Mr. Leif Green
a culinarious fox
brings watercress soup,
and a silver snuffbox.
He loudly recites
a Shakespeare sonnet,
as he sips the soup
and pours sherry on it.
He gulps, he slurps,
his eyes shine green,
he's the shockingest diner
you've ever seen.

Tawny rabbits
in vest and pants
sing Christmas carols
and Gregorian chants

Greyish Wolf
will bring a pie,
if you like chicken,
please stop by.
Greyish ventures
out by night
and shops for fowl
by lantern light.
I'm quite appaled
that wolf has crashed,
(he wasn't asked)

There is a chair
saved just for you,
Please bring more tarts
and acorns too.
Squirrel will seat you
in a chair of green,
There's badger and donkey
and you in between.
The table's brimming
the candle's bright
O Merry Christmas
O Holy Night.

Update this weekend

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw