Saturday, May 31, 2014

open sesame

This is sort of what I saw when I opened the kiln this morning.

This too, an ode to flowering and blossoming~ I don't think I've painted so much on one piece ever!
I felt a little lost without my kiln.
I did a bit of decorating. Found a home for some enamelware.
ate a lot of vegetables
Took lots of beach walks and made a few decisions.
spent money that should have gone in the rolling table account
but phooey on that,
I couldn't resist such a proud cow and milkmaid.
But now the studio is humming along again and I feel better. Thanks for being so paitent!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Well Garden Gals and Guys , I have added some trellises and done some garden reorganizing and have room for some new roses. This one, Climbing Eden, made the cut.
Looking for ideas I drove to this cottage a couple towns away. Her garden is so dreamy.
I've been thru that arbor and given a thorough tour of her garden but that was a few years ago, so I whisked around like a hummingbird and took a lot of pictures with the smell of roses so heavy it sort of  made me drowsy.
 I think that striped one might be rosa mundi.
I came home and started to paint  a lady with her prize hollyhock!
This one too. Belle of Portugal.
Here is a close up of Belle. Isn't she something? And grows well in California too.
Do you have a rose that is hardy and a favorite? Would be so interested to hear.
I'm waiting for my new kiln but will have a small listing tomorrow
I've got so many things to fire, I'm out of storage room!
I found this and decide to make another shadow box too. I'll find room........
xx julie

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw