Sunday, November 9, 2008

needle and thread

Blue day cuff .
The blue button below was grandmas. Every time I look at it I remember how her closet smelled. Cedar, lavender and tussy powder.
When we unpacked our things in this house, I realized the moving gods took my sewing basket, threads and even a silver thimble that fit my finger as snugly as my wedding ring. It's taken awhile, but I've amassed almost everything I need to make myself a few new pieces of clothing. I've ordered Irish Linen for a blouse, and made buttons too. I started with a cuff . See? Flying things appliqued in blues of Liberty of London, and old American cottons. The blouse will be all linen with a few bits of blue too. The other cuff, in reds, shows one of my new poem buttons. I was going for a piece of paper from an old letter kind of look.

The old buttons are mostly from Bonnie's, at Birds of a Feather, here in Cambria. I visited her yesterday, and not only found these wonderful buttons, but a new basket for my embroidery thread, needles and pins. I'm still looking for the thimble!


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
Love your cuffs. I am reminded of my grandmother, also. The cuffs and your buttons are beautiful, I especially love the old buttons from Bonnie's.

Good luck finding the thimble!

Xox, Liz

Aunt Jenny said...

I hope you find your thimble!!!
I love the new cuffs...very cute .and very JULIE!!
I keep checking your etsy hoping to catch when you post new things..I love your stuff!!
Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

aw, a thimble. i hate it when the borrowers run away with little things that mean so much to us!
hope all is well in your nook of the woods....xo

farmhouse said...

Really love the cuffs. So very charming and very old fashion.
I get such a cozy, home for Thanksgiving at grandmas feeling from them.

Kary and Butterscotch

susan jenkins said...

Hi Julie,

Your cuffs are beautiful and I so love your lovely buttons!
Looking at gramma's blue button brings back dear memories of her wonderful button box.

XO Sis

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