Friday, September 12, 2008

Staffordshire Rules

Does Anyone else out there tingle when they see Staffordshire pottery? I especially like the 1790-1820 period when they started to make pieces that reflected current events, and customs. These pieces are a part of what I'm working on for an upcoming Rabbits in Love grouping. Not exactly like the eighteenth century, but in the spirit of that tradition.


Carolyn said...

This little rabbit with bird, nest, and eggs is so beautiful and I love her! The extra touches like the patch pockets are especially delightful. Julie and Staffordshire are wonderful!
xoxo Batty C

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh I LOVE this rabbit, but I have always loved your sculptural pieces, even when you did them in bread dough for Mary Strickler's Quilt!

Keep up your great and creative work.


Aunt Jenny said...

Julie!!! I am so excited to find you!!! I don't know if you remember sold some of my first hand hooked rugs in your wonderful Finnie McClure shop in Cambria. I thought about you today and googled you and here you are!! Wow! I am remarried and in Utah now. What fun to find you!! I love the little rabbit!!! And the salt/pepper is wonderful too. I still have a few of pieces I got from you so many years ago..a juicer with a beehive and a little bowl with holly and a red bird with a scarf..some of my favorite things. I am off to check out your etsy shop!!!

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Animals who garden
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