Monday, November 17, 2008

Song Thrush nest

The shearwater lays her egg in a bare hole dug in the peat; The kingfisher gradually ammases fish bones for a bed for a tiny fist sized cave in a riverbank; the song thrush builds its nest in a thick hedge or ivy growing against a wall, and it's as tightly woven as a teacup. My bird books list song thrush along with the wood thrush. One book even shows its song in musical notes! The eggs are beach rocks I've collected from Otter Cove. Bird eggs are full of promise, like Robert Louis Stevenson says
Younger than we are
Oh children and frailer;
Soon in blue air
They'll be singer and sailor.


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
This is the most beautiful yet! You have relly captured all of it.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Xoxo Liz

Aunt Jenny said...

I love this one....awsome that the stones look like eggs!
Have a great week Julie!

farmhouse said...

I am in love with the birds nest and those beautiful egg like rocks that you collected from the seashore. The photography, the poem, the best feeling in the world. Nature. Birds and Birdsong. Thanks for making my day.
Wonderful. The Best.

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Animals who garden
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