Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cranberry Sauce

I think there should be three kinds of cranberry sauce at the Thanksgiving table. Plain,which is clear and tart, then the whole cranberry style,which looks like a dish full of jewels, and finally ground cranberries and oranges. If I were to make a list of what I'm grateful for at Thanksgiving, it might begin with husband, friends and family, our dogs and Joe the Cat, but it wouldn't be complete until it included cranberries. Hope you have a loving, happy Thanksgiving.xx Julie


cabin fever said...

Dear Julie-

Happy Thanksgiving from Massachusetts - the home of the first Thanksgiving, our native American ancestors, and Cape Cod CRANBERRIES!!!

Thanks to husbands, well-traveled sons, family, friends, and devoted pets. And thanks to you, Julie, for providing your collectors with awesome JW pottery!

Xoxo Liz

Aunt Jenny said...

We always have to have two kinds...the jellied clear type and fresh ground with oranges..yum!! I like all three though...so you are right!
I look so forward to our Thanksgiving feast each year...my favorite! There will only be the six of us here, my big kids won't be able to come out from Calif..but I am still doing a 20 lb. turkey..can't resist.
Have a wonderful holidaay.
I am thankful to have found you again!!

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Animals who garden
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