Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winged Suitor

A hermit thrush peers in my bedroom window each morning, as soon as I wake up, then he dashes up and down on the tree branch, batting his wings. I've painted his portrait on the scalloped soap dish, and there's a few other bird pieces in honor of birds in general. Did you know when you find a feather on the ground that you've received a letter from a bird?


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-

Just love the new pieces, especially LOVE the soap dish with the thrush's portrait.

I did nor know about the feathers, but I do have a great collection. Now I know the mening.

Thank-you, as always, with sharing your wonderful art.

Xoxo Liz

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Julie..just beautiful!!! I love the feather bowl!!

Anonymous said...

oh, julie, do you KNOW how much i love the woodthrush?! i am not familiar with the hermit thrush, but every spring and summer i am awakened and lulled into sunset by the beautiful woodthrush song. it is an illusive bird, and i've only actually seen it perhaps three or four times - but i hear the songs coming out of the brush, and my heart swells each and every time. your work does the same thing, for me. xo

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