Thursday, July 9, 2009

At the Sign of the Hedgehog

I like a sign on a garden gate. It lets you pause and collect yourself before you enter inside. I took a ramble in this rose garden today, and got stuck. As soon as I unhinged myself from one thorny cane, another reached out for me and held on, until I picked up the knack of holding in my arms, that is until I saw this rose:
Butter yellow, shell pink and raspberry tinged. So I stood there awhile, because it smelled sweet, and because bees zipped by and there was a sort of lonesome, longing wind through the pines. Then I remembered I was hungry.

So home I came, but look what I brought back with me.

These new garden signs are porcelain, run over with lace pressed in by a brayer, then a medallion is added. This one is painted with a farmhouse, larkspur and other summer blooms, with a watering can weather vane. Below it reads 'All the seasons run their race in this quiet resting place.'

Oh, and a rabbit piece because I can't seem to paint a batch of pottery without adding one to the firing.


farmhouse said...

Oh, how I love the pictures in the summer garden. Beautiful. And I really like the new garden gate signs. I agree, every garden gate does need one. And oh yes, one more comment. The photograph of the rabbit mug with the stacks of books.

prettyandpink said...

The garden signs are beautiful. I particularly like the lacy borders.

lilylovekin said...

Lovely new garden gate signs. The little hedgehog looks so inviting. You know how I feel about the pitcher,my request is in. Have a lovely evening.

farmlady said...

What a lovely garden gate sign this is. You're right. Everyone needs one.
The photo with your hand holding the rose( looks like a Double Delight ) is so charming. Very nice.

Check my blog out..., I left you something.

Delila Jemaiel said...

such loveliness Julie. I love and love that Bunny pitcher, so beautiful... also those garden signs are very wonderful indeed.


cabin fever said...

Yes, I agree.

Every garden needs a garden gate with a JW garden sign hanging off of it. These new signs are wonderful!

The rose is beautiful, and it looks wonderful with that old oli painting.

Thanks for sharing.

oldflowers4me said...

im so loving your blog world..your arm load of beaded bangles are divine.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Julie
I have just discovered your blog and think it is delightful..
Your work is exquisite!

Linda Warlyn said...

Just beautiful, Julie. Whenever I enter your world, my spirit is lifted in the loveliest ways. I think I'm going to pitch a pup tent in front of my computer so I can maybe have a chance at some of your new Etsy things before they fly off the shelves! The garden signs and rabbitware are precious. xox

Lisa said...

IYour things are so happy.
I did download the heart gate sign as my computer wallpaper. Hope that is o.k. It is so fresh and cheerful.

Lisa, a quilter in San Rafael

libbyquilter said...

what a wonderful treat finding your blog has beeen~!!~ love the garden photos and your art is so full of whimsical fun that i'm going to have to check out your etsy shop next~!!~


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Animals who garden
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