Monday, November 5, 2007

Tancredi and Morgen Milestone Party

This is part of my order for the Tancredi and Morgen show on Saturday, November 10th from ten to five. They are celebrating twenty years in business in Carmel Valley, and as fans of the shop know, its a destination worth driving all day for. Rodger is as steady and knowing as an African Elephant, and when I think of Marsha, I think of bounty. She designs clothes, rooms, crowns, pillows, and her display ability is unmatched. Marsha and Rodger offered me my first opportunity for a one woman show, and I've been returning with my wares every since, for twenty years. When I walk inside, I always hold my breath, drink in the beauty of finely made fabrics, worn french stoneware, piles of remarkable books, American craft and especially the vision of Marsha and Rodger, who have created this wonderful place for us to be. Hope to see you there!


susan jenkins said...

Julie! What a gorgeous display! I love everything so much! The lion peeking from behind, the elephant, the sugar shaker, beautiful bas relief plate, just all so festive and worthy of a 20 year celebration!
Loved your piece on Marsha and Roger too. Two such brilliant hard working talented people.
All wonderfully displayed,Bravo!!

Vallen said...

Can't wait until Saturday. I love that shop and your wares look stunning.

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Animals who garden
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