Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soup's On

There's something very visceral about bowls, especially when the thermometer starts to plummet, and you decide Fall is the season to make use of the hodgepodge of vegetables in your kitchen garden.
Teetering piles of bowls in a cupboard remind me of my cousin Marion in Keene, New Hampshire, who makes me look like a piker when it comes to hoarding them.

I start with sketches. I applied the flowers, and the scalloped trim, hoping they looked as light as tissue paper, but would also add a certain depth to the bowls. My inspiration was Dinner Plate Dahlias, of which my output in blooms this year totaled two. Now I have a bumber crop!

These are a small part of the grouping I'm bringing to Tancredi and Morgen on November 10th.

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Anonymous said...

I have purchased bowls from a prior collection and they add such a unique touch to my holiday dinners. These whimsical pieces are always a big hit.

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Animals who garden
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