Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old and New Friends

Yeehaw, what a great day. If you made it you know what a friendly group of people attended the Tancredi and Morgen show on Saturday. I enjoyed my rare visits with Anna Ball, Nancy, Gerry, Carolyn, Marsha and Meegan Alldis, who shared cheese facts from working at the Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco. Note: True Gruyere is from Switzerland and not France, and should be aged in a cave to acheive culinary greatness. I met Molly, Pam, Louise, and Vallen Queen who has a chatty and fun blog,

There must be a connection between making pottery and baking, because I find rolling out a piecrust as satisfying as throwing a soup bowl. My prize from the show is Tartine, a baking book with real-deal recipies for pastries and breads. The first thing I'll make is the chocolate souffle cake for my husband, who toted every single piece of pottery from the trunk to my table with the resident light in his eyes and never a grumble.


Sharon Lovejoy said...


I loved seeing your pottery with the backdrop of rolling Carmel Valley mountains. A perfect match.

I'm so sorry I missed the show and KNOW it was fabulous thanks to Marsha's incredible style and your fresh, whimsical talent. Perhaps next time I'll make it.

Keep up the great art work and the great baking a la Tartine.


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
So happy to find your blog! I am an avid collector of your pottery - but, alas, I live in Massachusetts and
cannot attend your wonderful CA events!

I have been fortunate to receive items from Jen O'Connor and Bonnie - I am always hounding them for the latest!

Your pottery is at home with my New England antiques and Cape Cod paintings, and I am always on the look-out for more. It is just awesome!
I feel fortunate that I have the pieces that I do.

It is such a pleasure!
Liz Hubbard

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Liz,

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment! I've been to your state and loved it's history and beauty.
Hope you'll check in again - I'm hosting my first 'Blog Bash' in mid December.

Happy Thanksgiving,


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
Yesterday we had snow, it is snowing again here in Massachusetts! I guess that's to be expected for November.

Just finished a pumpkin pie, now on to the apple. We are off to Belmont, Ma, to meet my 4-month-old niece, Carly. I am bringing her a Christmas hat with matching socks. Maybe I'll wear my Julie W. pin - the cottage with pink sequins!!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!


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Animals who garden
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