Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Time is Near

I'm spinning as fast as I can! Deli creamers are one of the first vessels I made. They are small, about two to two and one half inches, just the right size for Maple Syrup, cheese sauce, individual olive oil or vinegrette. They can be heated to hold warm Chocolate sauce too. Don't forget the brandy sauce for your Christmas pudding.


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
LOVE the pitchers, they are just wonderful
Can I purchase any from you?

The ones I have are at home in the Cape Cod house in Massachusetts.

Thanks for sharing-

susan jenkins said...

ooooooooo I love the little creamers so much! Love your display!!

Johanna Parker said...

Hi Julie!

Thought I'd peek in... Your adorable illustrated calling card with blogspot link has been staring at me on my desk since I returned home from the H&V show, and I'm finally making my rounds...

(yep, I've been busy!.. you too it seems!)

I'm enjoying your fun photos!

Happy Holidays,
~ Johanna

Anonymous said...

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amber said...

hello auntie julie
just was thinking of you and
stopped by to say hi..
your pottery is so great..
and im so lucky to have many peices that i enjoy every day..
I miss you
lets visit soon
love amber

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Animals who garden
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