Sunday, November 10, 2013

fairy tale

Thumbelina is the first fairly tale I read, and its because of this illustration by N.C. Wyeth.
She was so small she could tiptoe along flower stems.
(by Else Wenz Vietor)
Louis Reed shows here how it became cold and Thumbelina must live with a filed mouse or perish.
That is how she met Mr. Mole~
who proposed.........
But a swallow saved her
this could be a reason I like tiny things;
little houses
and moles and squirrels I can hold in my hand.
Nevertheless I like making larger things too and am at work on some
If I can keep my hair from out of my eyes!
(A picture from a doings at my sisters; my poor family knows I don't like to have my picture taken but somehow someone snapped me when I wasn't looking~)
xx Julie
listing this morning, some ornaments and cups then a day out of doors, maybe I'll see Thumbleina if I look hard enough....


Librarian said...

Dear Julie, the second illustration reads in the old German Sütterlin writing (which I am glad to say I can read, unlike most of my age group):
"Däumelinchen im Märchen
von Andersen" and "Bilder von Else Wenz-Vietor".
So, that illustration is not by Elsa Beskow, but by Else Wenz-Vietor (there are two dots on the e in Vietor, but I don't know how to make them). Wikipedia tells me she lived from 1882 to 1973 and learned her art in Munich. I've not heard of her before, but she's definitely worth finding out more.

Love your creations, as always! And that scarf you are wearing is very beautiful, suits you so well!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you much Meike, I have changed it. Yes, I am going to research her too.

Deb said...

Thank you for the reminder that I loved this book as a child. I plan to now find it and give one to my little grand-daughters. Deb

millefeuilles said...

Julie, I LOVE Thumbelina, or Poucette, as she's known here in France. I have had such pleasure looking at the illustrations of this tale you have shared with us.

This is the version I'm reading to my daughter:

The illustrations are stunning.

And Julie? You look quite wonderful!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

thumbelina and nc wyeth...two of my faves!!! i just love your pieces!

Vicky Lovejoy said...

Everything is so gorgeous Julie, including you :) I share your love of tiny things and magical fairy worlds :) Hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

felicity said...

Beautiful work Julie. One of the few books I loved and re-read as a child were the Borrowers books. I can still remember parts of them especially when they moved into a little model village. I do think the things we love as children stay with us always.

farmlady said...

I remember Thumbelina as a song, from the movie Hans Christian Anderson.
"Thumbelina, Thumbelina, tiny little thing
Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing,
Thumbelina, what's the difference if you're very small?
When your heart is full of love, you're nine feet tall!"
I loved that movie and I love your wonderful world of small, magical creatures.What a gift you have.
Love your photo. Your hair is longer than I remembered. It looks very pretty.

Aprilgirl said...

How great to see a picture of the wonderful you - creator of all of my Julie treasures. Love all of your new pieces - big and small. Lots of fond memories of Thumbelina. Happy November!

Valerianna said...

Lovely little things. And how on earth do you remember that Thumbelina is the first fairy tale you read, I wonder. I have no memory of my first!

Jone Hallmark said...

As I have told you before....YOU are magical, dear one.
Perhaps you ARE Thumbelina in a bit larger body....
I live in that world that you love, too....the tinier the better.
Your beautiful little winged creature is precious....took my breath away.
So nice to know this tidbit about you......xo

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Such a delight! Thanks Julie!

Lori ann said...

love everything so much as always julie, and especially seeing you. i feel endlessly blessed to own some of your pieces. LOVE the painting at the top of the post also.

Claire said...

Oh julie, I just love the squirrel painting in your header pic........just wonderful .
So nice to see a photo of you too.......
I don't think I've ever read the story of Thumbelina, but the pictures are very sweet........
I love tiny things too, particularly books......something special about them.

CLaire x

Crafted by Carly said...

How lovely! What a great post!!!

smartcat said...

What a charming memory. I always find it interesting to hear/read where artists' get their inspirations.

Susan Wells said...

Oh Julie. Thanks for keeping Thumbelina alive with the old and new. What a pleasure.

Katherine Dunn said...

So love that plate with woman and donkey. Isn't it cool how the feeling/memory we had as cicldren from these books and stories shaped us, or called out to us at that young age, and are still resonating? I feel that way about maps [Winnie the Pooh] but also, any art with animals living in trees under the earth, with tiny cups and dinnerware. Love your miniatures.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Julie, I love this fairy tale too. The beautiful illustrations you have shared along with your own delightful creations are all amazingly wonderful! And it's a good thing our family occasionally takes pictures of us, even when we say we don't want them to. :-)

corine said...

Oh mon dieu, your pottery is wonderful! Please let me do a post about you sometime soon.

sharon said...

I love your reasoning and rationale, and I hope you saw Thumbelina!

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your little village of colorful cute!
I adore your hair its gorgeous....Heidi

Madelief said...

Dear Helen,

Such beautiful illustrations! I never heard of the fairy tale nor the name of the illustrator before, but I will try to find the book in Holland. It appeals too me very much. The illustrations look enchanting!

I like the way you captured the figures!! They are a joy to the eye!

Madelief x

Garden Celebrations said...

You're gorgeous Julie! I'm wondering, do you spend as much time looking at children's books as I do? They make me so happy!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Even a side look charming! Your creative hands are just amazing. I love each piece! I think your work would also be beautiful as ornaments for the tree!

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Julie, Creator of Magic,
How wonderful to see these illustrations. I will go and seek out the book and the movie as someone else has mentioned. I marvel at all of your creations. They tickle something inside.
The picture of you is lovely!!!

Jorgelina said...

The beautiful illustrations!

Anonymous said...

o my heart! how'd you make the tiny cups?
so wonderful.
we met in Carmel-I've always loved your work.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hi Connie, was it at one of the shows at TAncredi and Morgen?
I make the little cups using my little fingers as a guide...
thanks so much for stopping by

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