Wednesday, February 8, 2012

green fingers

My camellia is in full bloom. Its ten feet tall and looks like its covered with snow there are so many blossoms . When we moved here it was a scraggley five feet , I cut the berries that were choking it, cut off the dead wood and I might even have talked to it a little bit. Does this mean I have green fingers?
I have flower fever lately. Here's the pot right by my front door, I have a habit of stuffing it like a turkey at Thanksgiving but its always blooming for me.
More painted pots just out of the kiln
I went to the nursery today just to see if the rannuclus were in. Not yet. Any day now they promised.
Blooms from a wild geranium that grows all over my garden.
Yes, more camellias, with little sprigs of lavender mixed in. I just looked at my hands and there is not a tinge of green there, I'm not a great gardener but I do treasure flowers and time spent on my plot so much . With true gardeners I think its must be like Reginald Arkell says
'Green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart'

The mister drew this name from the hat for the hedgehog pot. Pippa's Garden, my email address is , I will send this off as soon as I hear from you.

Happy gardening everyone! February is the month to start your sweet peas~

xxx julie


Aprilgirl said...

"Flower fever" - love that! I hope I catch it. Beautiful pictures/flowers/pottery - lovely blog, Julie!

Valerianna said...

The new pots are wonderful! And I can't imagine things in bloom. Here, though its been unseasonably warm, everything is muddy and brown, except the mosses and hemlocks cheering me in the forest.

And I think that green fingers extending from verdant hearts may grow gorgeous gardens, or they might pollinate the earth with beauty by creating work from their hearts, as you do. Wishing you a great abundance of fragrant blooms all year long.

Lori ann said...

dear julie, i think you have magical multicolored fingers.

love geraniums! and hedgehogs!

Robin Larkspur said...

congrats to the winner of your giveaway!! very lucky person!! You are lucky to have so many blooms now. We are weeks and weeks away from sunshiny blooming gardens! Enjoy!!

Deb said...

It's so nice to see all the flowers. I am so anxious for spring here in Ontario. Deb

sharon said...

I love gardening myself, and the closest I can get to that right now is looking thru awesome flower books, and seed catalogues, and visiting your blog! Your camillia is beautiful, but my heart pulls to the wild geranium!

Congrat's to Pippa!

pat said...

oh, Julie,
may I come and live with you? No growing anything here in cold, cold Michigan.. not in February.. nor March.. and not even much in April.. I long to feel the warm sun on my back whilst playing in the dirt..

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie...everything is so beautiful here!!! And congratulations to Pippa's garden, how in the world did I miss this??! I hope you are wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

Librarian said...

The flower pots are very pretty! And I envy you for having all those flowers already - here, we are freezing under a layer of snow, and by the looks of it, the bitter cold will stay with us for quite some time.
Love the polka dot plate on the first picture, it combines two of my favourite things: polka dots and light blue!

cr-mics said...

Oh, I wish I could take a warp-speed-jump into spring as well! Here all the seeds are still in a deep sleep underneath the snow. Enjoy playing in the dirt, anykind of dirt..soil.. clay.. and keep warming us with the results!

Cathy Kiffney Studio said...

It looks so beautiful where you live! We have 3 camellias and daffodils blooming now.
Are you using a terra cotta now, with majolica glaze? They are soooo charming, love them!

nina said...

to life!!! xo

Anonymous said...

All so pretty! Nothing blooming here... just a lot of snow and a bunny here and there.
Have a happy one,
~ Zuzu

gallerydarrow said...

Congrats to the winner!

I paint your fingers talented and your heart verdant ..

xo Rochelle

sandra said...

Such pretty flowers, I tend to always have a green fingers. I start with gloves but end up without as I just have the need to feel the flowers and plants in my garden. Love your new pots...I will be watching ;))

hensteeth said...

Oh have us all longing for our flowers and a little warmth on our backs. So much to look forward to and you have given us a taste of what's to come, thank you. x

Vicky said...

Hi Julie,
I have a little confession to make, I talk to my plants too :0)
And I believe it works!!!
I think your camellia must like you a lot :0)

I love your beautiful pots, they are all so divine and I just want to let you know your blog makes me very happy :0)
Vicky xxxxxx

Vicky said...

Hi Julie,
I have a little confession to make, I talk to my plants too :0)
And I believe it works!!!
I think your camellia must like you a lot :0)

I love your beautiful pots, they are all so divine and I just want to let you know your blog makes me very happy :0)
Vicky xxxxxx


Hi Julie stopped by always so claymaking has turned into dolls these days.. come visit I would love to share with you. xo Laura

Patricia Griffin said...

My goodness, you have rainbow fingers! Such an inspiration... I may even try planting sweetpeas!

The Sea Garden said...

Julie! I am so thrilled and delighted to have won your beautiful hedgehog pot!You are so very generous.Thankyou very much!
I have always had a real thing for hedgehogs, have always wanted to see a real one, Mrs Tiggywinkle being my favourite Beatrix Potter character..I feel bad about you having to post it all the way to Australia though!
I will treasure it always.

Zulma said...

Julie ... hermosas flores y jardines, yo tengo descuidado mi jardin.... el tuyo me ha de inspirar jajaja !!! te mando un fuerte abrazo !!!

dulcy said...

Wow! It's like an early visit to spring! Way too cold here for flowers yet.... although the snowdrops are getting ready to pop, and have a crocus peeking up all over the yard. Soon!!! Love the new pots!


Delila said...

you truly have green fingers my friend! unfortunately Camellias do not survive here in Finland, i am trying to find a one which could survive. i do LOVE Ranunculus flowers, they are so beautiful.
your pots are so lovely, i am sure flowers love to grow in them.


Flutterby Patch said...

What a cheerful post Julie, just what I needed on a grey Saturday here in England. Love the colours and thanks for the reminder about the sweet peas, I must get my seed planted. Eli x

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love your the very top picture there is a cup and plate with a woman....did you do these? I love there modern twist....then your little village of animals...I always leave your blog with a smile for the day!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Polka dot petticoat,
Thanks so much, and yes, those are mine, the plates with the ladies faces. Really loaded brush with cobalt paint. xx

vicki said...

Hi Julie- I am in love with the flower pots. Everything you paint is so beautiful--

Oh my- the photo of the ranunculus is stunning- what a sight to behold! Maybe a little bit jealous that your weather is so lovely--

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Your flowers and pots are beautiful! I'm afraid it will be months before we see a bloom outside - as it's now 14F!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Helen Philipps said...

Such a pretty post, Julie. I love it all! The pottery in the top picture is especially delightful with those lovely little flowers round the base. I'm loving the pictures of flowers and the talk of gardening....can't wait for our weather to warm up a bit so I can get out and do some planting again.
Have a happy week. Helen x

millefeuilles said...

Dear Julie,

I simply MUST become a follower as it irks me to miss these divine posts of yours. Although every single one provides joy for all five (or six?)senses this one touches a deep chord for it is concerned with gardens and flowers. Every picture is a beauty and make me wish I could invite myself for tea and quietly chat with you about all these natural gifts which inspire you.

Have a beautiful wee.,


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the quote Julie - and your new pots out of the kiln! The blooms on my Camelia are half the size of last year's strangely enough?

Well done to Pippa. Lesley x

Madelief said...

Hi Julie,

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I enjoyed it very much! Your pots & spoons look lovely. A bit fairytale like. Love the colours you use. You are a very talented lady!

Lieve groet,


Annie said...

Just found you via Stephanie at Millefeuilles ... I love your work, and your camellias :D

A Brush with Color said...

I love your little egg cup in the header here! These are all so delightful. I haven't been on my blog in ages, as I had several deaths in the family... and I have missed so much...your work is every lovely

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey from looking at these beautiful flowers I would say you have a big green thumb.
I love how pretty your plants are in your beautiful pots.
I miss using my kiln. In fact I need to do something with it. Wish I had a place out here to set it up.
Your pieces are so gorgeous. I love coming by here and seeing what your doing.
I sure have missed you. Glad you came by I must be a better friend.
That was strange me writing about a owl and you hearing one too.
Weird things like this happen a lot out here in our world of blogging

Aunt Jenny said...

I am just loving the pots amaze me!
I think I am going to go ahead and plant sweet peas soon..even here. I can plant more in March (st. pattys day is the normal plant date for me here for them) but it would be so so so cool to have them early this year. Just saying. Such a mild winter that it just might work!!

Auntie Bliss said...

I've never grown Camillas! They sure are pretty!
So are your pots of course!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I can only dream of such gorgeous flowers this time of year. It will be a long time before anything that lovely pops up around here. Sweet flower pots too!

Barbara said...

I don't believe in green fingers. It's more of dedication and hard work, learning as you go an d seeing what works for your plot and what does not.

Camellias beautiful.

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Julie...I am coming over to your lovely home and share a pot of tea with you...I am bringing my checkbook. I hope that you make a hasty decision and decide to join us...We would all love that.
Have pretty hankie shirt fun, Jody

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

I´m so happy to have found your blog. It´s beyond inspiring. I will spend the whole day here I think! *Love Sara*

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Animals who garden
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