Saturday, February 25, 2012

for good measure

I've been trying to let my customers know what the size of things are by carefully measuring with wooden yardsticks I keep all over the house. But this way you can see how three different sizes of pots compare to eachother.
I think by holding them in my hands like this you can get a better idea of how they would feel in your hands. You don't really need more than say this porcelain beakers is five inches tall and lightweight. I'm going to be adding gold highlights to the beakers today and firing tonight to list tomorrow. The pots too, but no gold there, I'm keeping them old school
I usually put one of the animals from the farm next to something too. for good measure.
By the way, the hills are turning green around here.
And I've been birdwatching. I took this picture of a cedar wax wing in our yard this morning. They are so wild, and to see a big flock land in one of our juniper or other berry trees is enough to get your tail wagging all day.
Bird beaker with hollyhocks. I sewed some cut up hankie pieces on this linen top for spring.
My button hole stitch is my sewing claim to fame.
Here I'm being inspired by a mouse pincusion my friend Nancy gave me.(thank you Nancy, I love it.xx) Its made by Jennifer Murphy, a girl who really knows her way around a needle and thread. She has a charming blog where you can see more of her work:

A bouquet for you!
Thanks for visiting


kathyd said...

i love the beaker withe pink bird .
love it all ...spring is early .

susan jenkins said...

Oh how i love the holly hock beaker with the bird, beautiful!I haven't seen a cedar wax wing here, I must get out more! Beautiful Julie, love it all!!

Country Rabbit said...

this post fills me happiness, so sweet, especially the posy of flowers in your hands and pinny on ;0)
the hills are so green and lush looking in your area - wonderful.
i love the sweet pots with your enchanting style on them...and the farm animals ;0)xx wonderful post xx

farmlady said...

Such a charming post, Julie. Not only the pots, cups and animals... but then you show us this cute blouse. What creativity!
And then, those aprons and lastly... the bouquet of flowers.
I feel like I have been sent a book of Spring. Thank you.
(My hills are greening too.)

Carol said...

love the new photos - and the bird beaker w/hollyhocks is totally beautiful and charming (plus hollyhocks are my fav flower)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thanks Country Rabbit and Connie too, I had my doubts about this blouse, but it is very comfortable!

Laura Farrow said...

I've got hankies for you if you want them... my husband's mom had a half ton of them - I grabbed some nice ones. They're yours if you want them! email me your address if so! They look so sweet sewn on! xo

jen storer said...

OMG julie your blog, your art, your bird's eye view of the world, it's all so uplifting. and your hankie shirt is inspired! Love the new header. jxx

Valerianna said...

My heart always sings when it sees your beautiful work. I prefer seeing the visuals for size comparisons, I can never really figure it out with the measurements.

The hills are gorgeous near you, how incredible. And I love seeing your striped shirt sleeves and your patched shirt. I love wax wings, but don't see them often. Flowers are beautiful as I listen to howling winds and imagine the snows whirling around in the forest....

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

ohhhh Laura,
I feel another button hole stitch frenzy coming on! thank you, am e mailing you

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Ah, another wonderful post! Love the pots; love your shirt. Always so much joy to be found here! Thank you. :)

Aprilgirl said...

You just exude creativity, Julie. Love your linen top with all of the special sewn on additions as well as your new beakers with those wonderful details. Your painted pots are just the best! Happy almost spring!

Unknown said...

reaf shishirdAy Julie ... cuantas linduras ( cosas bellas ) que hiciste !!! , me encanta el paisaje , la foto del pajarito , tu camisa ,y las flores , son preciosas !!! te felicito por tanto trabajo , te mando todo mi cariño y que tengas un buen fin de semana besotes !!!!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The larger pot stole my heart. All of them lovely. It must be the gorgeous scenery that gives you your inspiration. typeos bosenc

sharon said...

It will be some time before we have green grass on the hills here, but you have brought the green and the sunshine to my mind....I am smiling big! Your pots are so sweet and pretty!

Erin said...

So lovely and happy here:) Your works are beautiful and I love the hills around your place! Lucky you :)

Librarian said...

Such beautiful, flowery spring-things, your apron included! And then to top it all off, the green hills... what bliss!

Lovejoy Bears said...

Hi Julie,
I love what you've done to your linen shirt, it looks amazing!! So perfect for a creative potter to potter around in :0)
As always all your pots are divine and it's great to get an idea of their sizes.
The hills where you live are amazing and I love your little mouse pin cushion.I also have a mouse by jennifer, her creations make me happy :0)
Vicky xxxx

Lovejoy Bears said...

Hi Julie,
I love what you've done to your linen shirt, it looks amazing!! So perfect for a creative potter to potter around in :0)
As always all your pots are divine and it's great to get an idea of their sizes.
The hills where you live are amazing and I love your little mouse pin cushion.I also have a mouse by jennifer, her creations make me happy :0)
Vicky xxxx

Pixie said...

A beautiful post as those beakers and very much love the upcycled hankies......just lovely Julie.

Cathy Kiffney Studio said...

Holding in the hands is a great idea to show the size, and it humanizes the dreaded computer screen!
Sweet pots!


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Julie, everything is beautiful! I love your white linen top too, but the last photo is adorable of you in the apron, with the striped shirt holding the bouquet!

Now my friend, how do I order that middle pot, the one with the fox on it? I think it's adorable and I'd love to add him to my kitchen windowsill!

Have a lovely day!

Lisa Graham said...

I love that first photo Julie! Your pots and your wonderful striped shirt and apron...all so pretty and full of charm!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Ocean Breezes,
I think if you take another look you will see that is a squirrel,
although they do have similar tails! but I will be listing a fox on Etsy this morning.

Dreaming Woods said...

those pots are so beautiful Julie! and what a creative working jacket. i have been thinking of making a work apron, which i would only use while making jewelries.

somehow i miss out little note corresponding on that time when i wanted so often order your potteries. i have found that your cups are very useful in my studio also.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh my I adore you cups and mugs but your little stole my heart that little plump piggy and the owl....with the red farmers house....perfection!

Anonymous said...

Okay, now you've done it!! I had made up my mind to make myself a tiny heart quilt like yours that says Love Me Always. Now I'm torn because I want to put some hankies on a linen blouse just as much as making the quilt!

Oooh...decisions, decisions, decisions! I love everything you do. It all makes me swoon.

Love from Diane in North Carolina

Flutterby Patch said...

Your creative juices have yet again given us more beautiful items to swoon over Julie. How I envy your talent. Your blog is always such an inspiration. Thank you for the bouquet. Eli x

sandra said...

What a fun and Spring-y post!!!Your top is adorable, its such a clever way to show off those beautiful hankies :))
The beakers are the cutest and oh so fun...Happy Spring to you Julie ☀

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Diane, how bout a tiny heart quilt made from vintage hankies?

Unknown said...

Julie, I just adore those darling pots!
Great idea - the photos with pots in hand. Not just for size reference but seeing the creators hands holding them adds a special touch. The charming linen top and aprons too.
I <3 <3 <3 the delicate look of the apron you're wearing in the bouquet photo!

gallerydarrow said...

I think that's a wonderful way to show the scale of your pieces.

I always thought they were smaller for some reason, lovely all and your blouse too!

I adore those sleek cedar waxwings.

Enjoy spring, it's felt like spring all winter....

xoxo Rochelle

Tammie Lee said...

oh you look wonderful holding your charming pottery in your lovely clothing. a perfect match.

how lovely are those calif green hills... i do miss them when i look at your photo. lovely week to you.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie, your work is so magical to me....I always love seeing what you create ~ they all make me smile!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Jorgelina said...

Me gusta todo!
Sos muy creativa y tus trabajos son adorables.
Un saludo enorme desde Argentina

Deb said...

Love the bunny beaker and thank you for the flowers.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Amiga Jorgelina,
muchas gracias para sus palabras, son que simpatico! Yo espero que you tengo el modo a dice (en bueno espanol) de mi gracias.

GardenOfDaisies said...

Your pots are all gorgeous and one of these days I will order another one! And your green hills are just sooo beautiful!!

nina said...

everything is so lovely and spring-like. your striped arms and floral aprons look like they stepped right off of my gardening gal pieces you've done. i envy you your green thumb....and the new pieces are beautiful!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a good idea, Julie! The pots and beakers are lovely - and the hills are wonderful, such spectacular scene.

Barbara said...

Those pots are gorgeous and the hills look inviting.

Lena said...

This is such a charming and cheerful post, Julie, and everything is so lovely.

Your shirt is inspiring me!

Kay G. said...

We saw cedar waxwings at Stone Mountain yesterday!

Your art is beautiful!

Lori ann said...

dear julie,
i don't know where to start. seeing you and your hands holding your work feels so special and amazing. i love every single thing in every photo. and your new header is so charming, love that too.
and what beautiful photos you took! the cedar wax wing, wow! i wish one would land in my yard too!
xx lori

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Julie!!

What a great idea to make a tiny heart quilt of vintage hankies. That solves it!! I can't wait to get started. Picture this: Frenzied woman tossing one hanky after another on the bed to see which ones are just right. I can't stand to write another word - I'm off to work right now.

You are a jewel to give me the idea.

Love from Diane in North Carolina

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Diane, Please send me a picture when you are done.I'd love to see.
my e mail is

Jayne said...

Love everything in this recent post. Your pottery pieces are incredibly beautiful and whimsical. Love the blouse with hankie embellishments (might have to find a linen smock similar to yours to try it). I too am a apron gal - love vintage style aprons and wear them all the time. Thanks for your inspiration!!

pat said...

ooooh, Julie, my my, I am always a day late and ( more than ) a dollar short.. I always miss you things.. we reallymust get together one of these years.. those western bluebirds are amazing.. and a whole flock of cedarwax wings..pretty sweet.

makiko hastings said...

I LOOOOOve what you are making, such a joy to see. and the top you are waring, gorgeous! and green hills! my goodness what else? Everything Just So BEAUTIFUL there. x m

Christie Jones Ray said...

I LOVE the HOLLYHOCKS!!! I cannot wait to plant them here at our new little cottage this spring. We had them at our last home and they were gorgeous last year, waving goodbye to us as we made our move.
I am inspired beyond measure, by your use of the vintage hankies on your linen jacket. I collect them and use them, even carrying one at all times in my purse..
my grandson loves his Grammy's soft handkersniffs:)
Your artwork is absolutely precious...I have come from Sharon Lovejoy's blog:)
I will be shopping with you as soon as the budget allows. Please stop in for a visit...would love to see you..

Christie Jones Ray said...

I am wowed and amazed at your talent...the hankerchiefs I am in love with, as I am an AVId collector myself! Oh, a tiny heart quilt made of the sweetest vintage hankies...such a clever idea.
Blessings to you, dear kindred spirit friend,

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Julie,

A happy early spring/late winter to you! You are very blessed to have so many blooms already!

Your work is so sweet, and so inspiring. Thank you for making the world a more delightful place.



Christie Jones Ray said...

I could hardly sleep last night;) couldn't wait to get up and start on my linen blouse is darling, and then some, with the vintage hankies.... and thank you for demonstrating the buttonhole stitch. It makes it!!
I will be putting up a post tomorrow and will be directing folks to your post, as my inspiration.
Blessings, new friend,

Anonymous said...

Ooooos and Ahhhhs once again, dear Julie! So many pretties! I'm keeping my eyes out for the returning birds - such a joy to see them!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Helen Philipps said...

Delightful pictures, I love the fabrics and the stitchery ones....and I really love your new pottery, especially the bird and hollyhock beaker. Thank you for sharing such lovely things.
Have a happy weekend, Julie.
Helen x

Mary Stanley said...

Loving all your new work. The linen shirt looks wonderful with the hankie patches! Great idea...and especially love the red and white striped top...I have one that I love to wear under my tops, too!

Christie Jones Ray said...

Alrighty, polka dotty...come visit post is up and you can see my efforts;)
Happy happy girl,

In the Light of the Moon said...

Thank you for the flowers...they are so lovely!! I'm visiting from lorix5 and just had to say I love your beautiful pottery work and blog.Hugs,Cat

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

I came over from Christie's Blog and am joining you now!

Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

A time to dance said...

Hello My old friend! You may be wondering why I have time to blog? and on a sunday morning too! eleven days in bed is driving me mad - I am not a good patient, the highlight of my day is a trip to the loo which takes an age as I shuffle along - but the op was a success and I'm impatiently waiting to always you lovely things cheer me. Do you know I spent a fortune - I daren't tell you on a shirt like yours - made in the states too - with little applique pieces of fabric. When I started reading the blog I though - hey Julie has the same shirt as me - what a coincidence....

jone hallmark said...

I LOVE your apron!!!!!
And your buttonhole stitch is dynamite!
Well done.....

Vickie Cunningham said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful things! I have been remiss in stopping by lately, but now that I see what I've missed, I won't be doing that again! The pots are lovely!

Michele R. Unger said...

I LOVE my two new pots and I LOVE the two I already have. I do believe I have an addiction to your beautiful work....the good kind!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Yay Michele!I'm so glad you are enjoying your pots......

Chris said...

Hi Julie, your pottery is beautiful. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

PCovi said...

You are so creative!!!
I love what you did to your shirt!
I pinned your pottery a while back onto is out there floating around now :)

hapi-ness said...

hi there. I've just stumbled across your blog and am kicking myself for not finding it sooner! Your work is so beautiful :) Just looking at your tiny animals and illustrated pots and plates has filled me with inspiration :) i shall be a firm follower from now on! xx

Christie Jones Ray said...

I keep missing your beakers and pots on etsy...might need to make a custom order, my dear;)) might I have one of every sweet thing you make??? I love your work more and more...each time I come for a visit!
I wore my little hanky blouse today, and you would not believe the compliments!! Thank you again for being such an inspiration, my dear friend!

ramona said...

I so love your work!! The photos of you holding your pots in front of your adorable patch linen top is truly a portrait of the artist. I must visit more often:)

pussman and co said...

Your work is so pretty and sweet! SUCCES8 X

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Animals who garden
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