Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Cup a Day

A cup a day. A vessel, beaker, potion, goblet, mug, demitasse, chalice and taster. Every day. That is the plan. To be posted on Flickr, starting tomorrow morning with this cup.
Now this is supposed to look like a piece of patched material. So loved by its owner that she couldn't bear to throw it away, and added snippets of fabric to the worn spots. The fact that its clay is just a side issue.

Here is something from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Its so delicate, so eighteenth century. Can you imagine holding a butterfly for a handle? I can, and there is already one made and drying in the sun, which is gratefully beaming on us again after six inches of rain this week.
V and A again. Designs for cups. about 1800.

From the pinnacle of design, to this humble enameled cup, made in Mexico.
And just in case you wondered, the word 'cup' is from middle English, 'cuppe' about 1150.
Now its my pleasure to introduce you to someone, just in case you haven't met.

I wanted to tell you about Viv at Hens Teeth, in case you didn't know her works. I'm holding a needlecase here, so beautifully crafted and the best size, the kind of needlecase that makes you run for your sizzors and pin cushion so you can get started Making.
The back is just as pretty as the front. Viv and I swopped. I feel very lucky today that she likes my pottery.

I'm going to use this sketchbook for my cup designs. All these stitches are single thread, the craftsmanship is stellar and the size again is just right for sketching. The papers are a wonderful quality. Viv's blog is delightful and links to her Etsy shop.
Thanks for stopping in for a visit, and wishing you a very happy, healthy 2010


farmlady said...

All the lovely little cups..., so cute and that patch is wonderful.
What a nice "swap" you made with your friend. Could I have a cup for a chicken? Hummm?

Michelle said...

Lovely items...every last one! That journal is amazing...lucky you to be able to fill it with beautiful sketches!

And I had to share this...follow this link and then scroll down a'll see something familiar!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your pieces are just beautiful. I always love stopping by here for a visit.
You should send me an email and have these put on my Temptation Mondays post.
Take care

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Good morning Julie!

I agree with you, Viv´s work/art is absolutely adorable!
I also adore your cup with "patched material",
the polka dots are talking to me!
Have a great day

Librarian said...

Ah, the wonderful V&A! Your mention of it made me want to go there again; I've been many times and it is never, ever boring - on the contrary, it is impossible to see "everything" in one single visit or even in 10 visits.
Will you post a picture of your butterfly-handled cup on here as well or just on flickr?

cabin fever said...

Happy Sunday, Julie - another delightful post. A cup a day will be a special treat.

Yes! Hens Teeth is a wonderful Etsy shop, LOVE your new journal.

And - what's that new JW bird bracelet peeking out on your left arm?!

Xoxo Liz

Shelley said...

I love my visits with you...your sweet little tea cup is divine...have a very blessed Lord's day...I am off to visit your swap partner....what a beautiful needle book she made for you...I am sure she is just as excited by your gift to her....blessings

susan jenkins said...

I really love your cup a day plan. Love the patch cup to start with,beautiful!

caramela said...

I adore the cups, I can't wait to see your take on the butterfly handle. I found the drawings of cups tons inspiring as well!You make me want to revisit the V&A ...
And you do have some lovely, creative friends Julie- lucky girl!
Annamaria xx

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

So the little patch too....and the butterfly SPRING !

Going to go see Hen's Teeth... I have been there before and always enjoy a visit....

and YES ! what is the bracelet peeking out....hmmmmm

more later

donkey in a patch of yellow johnny jump jumps...


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Julie, lovely to see your latest - it's so pretty, as are the other examples of cups shown, each beautiful in their own way. And a lovely swap between two talented ladies to boot! Best wishes, Lesley

lilylovekin said...

What a wonderful little cup with a patch. I want to see what other cups you create. Yes I love Hensteeth her things are beautiful.

Claire said...

Absolutely gorgeous cup Julie. Love the patched, handed down theme, going on. I love all that sort of stuff, frayed around the edges, cna't bare to throw it A A cup a day I can't wait to see the photos on Flickr. The cup designs from the V&A musuem are a work of art in themsleves.
Lucky you having a swap with Viv, (and lucky Viv too) Her work,is divine she is another very talented, creative lady and last but not least, lucky us being able to see it all via your blog.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

THank you for your visits everyone, and Connie, if that Hen lays blue eggs, let's talk.

pammalu said...

oh I keep falling behind ... Look at this nice post!
Are you really making a cup a day?! I wish I could make something 'aday. RIght now I am bogged down in less fun things and my creative dragon is sleeping in its cave and I can't coax her out.
*sigh* but you continue to inspire me and that helps!
happy day!

Halo Hill said...

Wow, your work is beautiful! Very beautiful swap too!


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