Thursday, January 7, 2010

Away away

Last night I dreamed
that I was swept
up to the blue
where stars are kept

It could be the flocks of birds I've seen lately, or some I've been making out of clay, or maybe I'm just feeling happy at the start of this new year. It seems as clear and lucid as a pool of fresh rainwater.

I've been dreaming alot about flying. I looked it up, and the combined wisdom writes that meanings include: Inspriation, relief from tension, or striving for something better.
And of course the desire to get away, for a bit, and just soar up there.

So tuck a bird feather under your pillow and dream away, and I promise you'll land safely again.
Listing today in my shop, some flying pieces and down to earth ones too.


Michelle said...

you are an amazing artist...your pieces are...beautiful. sweet. engaging. personal. dreamy. I could look and look all day and find something new and even more sweet each time...

Hens Teeth said...

I dream of a special something flying .... over the sea, landing safely and being loved, cherished and admired for a lifetime and longer. x

lilylovekin said...

I love this latest work, the colors. I wanted to soar along side the lady with the lantern and let her guide me to a land of dreams.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Keep flying, Julie. Lovely pieces, as always. Bfn. Lesley

farmlady said...

Beautiful pieces..., inspired by a dream. I have had that dream too.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

This was very dreamy...loved it...

I LOVE flying dreams so much..aren't they just the BEST?

And may I ask, dear one...what is that darling cuff you're wearing?

More later

Donkey in a Strawberry Patch

cabin fever said...

The colors in these new pieces are just beautiful. So nice to see while in the midst of our COLD New England winter.

And - sooo dreamy!!!! Love them all.

Xoxo Liz

Claire said...

Ah Julie you tease us with just a glimpse of a very interesting jacket/top once again! I dream almost nightly the most amazing/bizarre dreams but they certainly make the night interesting! Love the necklace absolutely delightful as always. Best wishes for a creative 2010 from "Downunder"

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Tonight I will put a feather under my pillow,
just like you said.
I will fly to Briançon in France,
to my friend in New York and finally drop by your lovely place just to say "Hello"!
Love everything you do,
the necklace with the bird and the nest is so great!
Lots of love

pammalu said...

I love the girl flying with her beautiful lantern and bird companion. I usually get a little frightened when I dream I am flying but I think I would feel safe in such good company!

caramela said...

I love them all- the freshness, the sweetness that is restarined by a gentle sense of economy-
Annamaria x

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you for stopping by, your thoughtful comments. Becky, I would like to visit Briancon too. to get to France i will need a very large bird feather. An albatross or a goose maybe?

oldflowers4me said...

As I Close my eys to go to sleep, im thinking in my mind of....braided hair,glitter, dream catchers,men who blush and narnia....

Mary Wadsworth said...

Oh theses pieces are lovely. I have flying dreams,they are wonderful.
Wish I had them more often:)

Happy flying

Nan said...

I've just been over at Sharon Lovejoy's blog and my goodness, she mentioned Cambria! Does that mean you two wonderful artists know one another? Or is this the small town girl in me that thinks of course if two people live in NYC, they know each other? :<) Anyway, another beautiful posting. Thank you.

Midsummer Stitches said...

Just found your blog via Hens teeth
your work is so lovely! off for a closer look...

Bloody Frida said...

Julie, your work is so lovely. I just recently found this lovely blog and your etsy shop.

As a fellow potter, do you make your own faience/majolica glaze?

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Animals who garden
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