Friday, September 11, 2009

Greencoat Squirrell and Little Red, Part 2

Greencoat and a few of his cronies stood beneath the pines, having a confab.
"She's always been inpetuous" said Bunny Two Shoes, "And there's that tendency to linger and pick boquets." Songbird bobbed his head and sang a sweet air.
Mouse stood very straight and raised her voice. "We're coming with you, Greenie! There's strength in numbers!
Greencoat wondered how much strength a mouse posessed, but was glad of the company. They headed out, with songbird as their scout, searching from the sky, every hollow and rotten stump for danger in the form of a Wolf.
At the cottage, Red found the front door stuck, so she entered through the back. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of turnips and moldy potatoes.

"I'm here, gram!" she called.

"Alright, dear." Gram's voice echoed through the timbered cottage.

Red stoked the fire, and set the kettle on. She placed fresh rosemary on the hob and cranked open windows, then uncorked the port and carried a tot into Gram's bedroom. 'This will liven her up.' she decided.

Gram wolfed it right down. "I'm famished, dear, do I smell egg? And may I have more of that scrumptious cordial?" Gram's bonnet covered most of her face, but Red saw alot of brown. Perhaps she'd been working in the garden?
"Yes, there's egg and Greencoat Squirrel has made your favorite cake." A thump rattled the front door. "There he is now."
When Red opened the door, she saw it had been jammed shut with an ebony walking stick.

Squirrel sniffed.

"Smells badgerish in here."

"Gram's awfully peckish," said Red, "And you know how much she adores squirrel stew. I wouldn't get too close today." Squirrel blanched and set the cake down.

The band of woodland animals peered through the window, watching and waiting. As Red carried the tea tray to Gram, the animals crept inside.

Red and Gram each had their own special cup. So when Gram grabbed Red's cup, and then began to slurp and belch noisily, without uttering a word of Grace, Red jumped up.

"You are an interloper! Where's my Gram!" Her friends tumbled in the room.

Bunny Two Shoes yanked off the bonnet and gasped, "You're not even a wolf", he said , "You're just a smelly old fox!" Mouse lobbed a walnut at fox's head and he yelped. "Crikey, that hurt!"
Fox sprang up and bounded past them and out the front door. While they gaped at his exit, Gram entered throught the back with an apronful of mushrooms. "Oh, grandaughter, you've brought your lovely friends. Let's all have tea!"
Later, a fox could be seen, leering, as he sauntered through the glen with an ebony walking stick.
He cradled a bottle tenderly in his arm. A bottle of Elderberry Port!

The end of the first official Pinewood Tale
I hope you enjoyed the adventure!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

That fox in the bed with the bonnet on is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY !

I LOVE the old grammy pink sheets too. It was so hysterical. I was laughing so loud I woke my tonys.

Really cute story...

I smell a book here....a childrens book oh, yes I do !


daffodilhillantiques said...

OMG! I love that story! I laughed out loud when I slowly scrolled down and saw the fox in the bed! I was completely spellbound and happy to see that the fox seemed satisfied with getting "into his cups" as my grandmother would say and with the treats rather than trying to eat the friends! I was also so relieved to know that gram was doing well and blissfully unaware!

Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

Laughed so hard at Fox-just wonderful. I had fretted over squirrels dropping the pecan cake on the way or the loss of the ginger scones.(can you guess I am trying to cut back on my sweets) I just knew that fox was wanting sweets.( I had that same glint in my eyes when you described the cake and scones and Devonshire cream and the lovely elderberry wine)
Thanks for such a grand tale.

Forgetmenot said...

Squirrel stew...Oh no!!!

Shelley said...

Very sweet story and lovely,cute characters.....even the wolf(Fox)....

susan jenkins said...

Wonderful story Julie, I loved it! All of your hand made woodland animals. precious.Thankyou!


pammalu said...

I found myself feeling a wee bit sad for that naughty old foxy fox. Perhaps if he'd behave he could have lunch and tea with everyone else and then he wouldn't have to drink his port alone.
Thank you for the bed time tale. Not too scary but just exciting enough to give the kittens a little surprise at the end.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

too fun Hope you had fun making them!!!

lilylovekin said...

I loved the fox with the old lace bonnet. What a tale. Can't wait to "see" the next one. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I believe I've dampend my knickers! From 'interloper' to the uncovering of the Foxy Grandma...I was entertained with out loud laughter. Oh so very Whitty...Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I felt very child like as though my Mum was reading to me from My Book House. xoxxoxoxChild of the Basil.

Linda Warlyn said...

Julie, this was simply DELIGHTFUL in EVERY way! A book...oh, YES! As you can tell, we're already queuing up for it! You give new meaning to the term "wit and whimsy." I was going to say you are the Beatrix Potter of Cambria, but you are in a class all your very own. xox

Maggie Ann said...

Delightful!!! I loved it. You are SO talented....I hope you write more stories for us all to enjoy.

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