Thursday, April 3, 2014

Donkey's Greenhouse Teapot
Donkey is in the garden again.
What's he growing in there? Cucumbers definitely.
I think I got a bit carried away with the picture tools. Thusly is why there is writing on this picture. 

This donkey potter's garden is looking a little perkier after the rainstorms. I see its awfully herby. I need more color. I keep adding red geraniums........
I've been finding lots of heart rocks this month. I honestly don't even try , they find me. Amber, Susan, are you rolling your eyes??
I thought you might like to see my technique. I mooch lots of car time by insisting I need to sketch, so the Mister drives and I always have a little drawing pad in the car and lots of pens.
This jug was just now painted, about fifteen minutes ago. ITs what my things look like before I fire them. Its a very wonky jug, an experiment so I just added lots of color willy nilly.
Now I'm ready for lunch. Today its a fresh papaya and granola and tea with milk.
I'm kind of a dud in the exotic food dept. but I found something wonderful to make for an upcoming anniversary.
I know. Kind of classic huh? If you go to their  web site there ,
they provide the recipe
Before you go, I am listing this tomorrow too.
Goat has decided to move in
Now its time to get cracking. Thanks for stopping


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Love the mug and the teapot.
You're willy nilly patch of herbs is beautiful... we're still putting up with snow.
Hope you're enjoying April so far.
Susan x

Lisa Graham said...

I love taking a few moment to step into your world. I love your pottery/ceramics...wonky or not. My you have a pretty house and garden Julie!

I hope your recipe turns out really good for your anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary!!

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh lovely. Your pottery is so light hearted and attractive.

Vicki Boster said...

Such beautiful creations-- I love the bee hive:)
Your gardens are lovely--such a lovely place to draw inspiration. Happy Anniversary-- that's a wonderful looking recipe!!


Claire said...

Oh what a lovely teapot Julie, it will never need a tea cosy it's too sweet, to cover up....
Your garden looks lovely and lush and red Geraniums are beautiful. I have a pot by the gate into the chook run and it's a bright splash of colour amongst the surrounding greenery.
Love to see the technique behind people's work, always so interesting.
Have a great weekend,

CLaire Xx

Librarian said...

Lovely things, as always! How nice to see a picture of your garden. The red geranium looks so pretty above the gate!
Can you really draw in the car? I wouldn't be able to - not only because of the car's movement, but also because I have to look outside or I'll be sick.

leon 10 said...

love the beehive standard very cute what a lovely heart rock you have found very pretty

felicity said...

Your ceramics are beautiful, I love the setting on your table.I'm sure the bees would gladly give up some honey for a pot like yours. I like to use lots of herbs in cooking, so the donkey patch looks great to me.
Hope you have a happy anniversary.

Judy Shreve said...

Julie - the Donkey's Garden Teapot is just fabulous - love the lid. Also love peeking into your sketchbook and the transformation from that to your jug.
And oh my - your garden is just lovely. I am working on a cottage garden for my front walkway - yours is definitely an inspiration.
Happy anniversary!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Claire, Yes, I've seen Bright Star but have forgotten and think its a perfect one for the film library at Gull Cottage.
Just ordered a couple of Maggie Smith Movies and hewed and hawed over Ladies in Lavender. Time for another order!

A bird in the hand said...

I wander into your magical world and then I don't want to leave. xoxo

Pixie said...

Such beautiful wonderful makes as always....thank you Julie for sharing all your gorgeous pottery, its so heart warming. xx

millefeuilles said...

Dear, lovely Julie,

As always it is a true gift for the soul to visit this corner of your imagination. I tried to purchase your stunning cup from your shop today but it seems as though you do not ship to France? Of course it was snapped up very fast by some other lucky person, understandably so.

I will, at last, get in touch with you.

Warmest wishes,


dulcy said...

Oh... lovely visit to your home! Can't wait to seen the completed jug, and the rest of the pottery is wonderful! Your work always inspires and makes me happy!


Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Oh, your bee skep is so beautiful, Julie! Do you ever make pieces on request? I've always loved your little hedgehogs and now this bee skep has stolen my heart, too.

Your potter's garden is also amazing!

So lovely to hear from you, Julie! And yes, after catching the apples in her apron, my great-grandmother would get to work making applesauce. No worries about the little imperfections in the apples ~ she'd just cut them away.

The first photo I posted in my 'Enlightened Gardening' post is of me sitting in my Saratoga, CA garden. The tree branches are from an apricot tree, and in fact, we lived behind an apricot orchard. That is where I first learned to can fruit. I was 21 and my next door neighbor was in her 80s. I ran over to ask her if I was doing it right. She came in my kitchen, looked everything over, and nodded her head - yes, everything was just fine. So many wonderful memories, yes?

Have a lovely Sunday, Julie!

Garden Celebrations said...

Wasn't the rain wonderful? Love your "herby" garden!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Gee, where do I begin to tell you how beautiful everything is? I'm especially fond of the "bee dish" it reminds me of a pie plate! Now there's an idea! I'm sure you have enough of your own without any help from me! LOL!!!

Have a lovely week! Our weather is FINALLY turning spring like. I still have snow in my yard though! said...

What a lovely post-your pottery is delightful.

Linda said...

Hi Julie, I discovered your gorgeous pottery through Pinterest. I created a board for your work and I am now a follower of your fabulous blog.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post this is, Julie. It feels like spring. I love the bee skep, and your herb garden is so nice. I've been reading an Herb Farm cookbook from the library and I think I'm going to add it to my personal library someday soon, as it is inspiring me to add more herbs to my garden.

I think you should someday publish a book Julie. Your drawings and work and homelife, are inspiring and it makes me happy to step into your world for a bit.

Karen said...

Ooh the bee hive plate stand! Just magic! xx

Nan said...

Love your yard and your kitchen and your work. I went to the etsy shop but didn't see a list of things to buy. Did I miss something?

The Sea Garden said...

Teapots and donkeys, two of my most favourite things. so love your garden and kitchen.Must save up for some more of your pottery or lovely paintings.

pussman and co said...

all so pretty!!! I love it

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
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