Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seaside girl

Sometimes when I'm painting I'll toss down my brush, gather up the necessaries and off I go....

Here; to San Simeon Cove, where the eucalyptus grow right down to the shore

And whale bones wash up onto the sand , ancient wrapped in seaweed and shells
Tall masted ships stay for days in the cove for protection from the open sea
And Elephant Sea Lions lurk just up the coast and sometimes a stray camps out too

A few lovely Moorish buildings sulk over the scene, supposedly full of treasure.
But the real treasure is in the nature there. Phooey for the bullion and marble busts of Apollo.
Its getting late! I must go back to Gull Cottage now
I'm working on a large canvas and almost done; and I'm missing home...........
Almost March! That means spring, and sheep and the first vegetables.
I will leave you with this beautiful Radish specimen.
A watermelon Radish. Wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?


Lori ann said...

feeling so happy after reading this julie, the mix of your familiar photos (love those places) and your precious work really is a treat.

Anonymous said...

Julie, I love these window paintings, they make me so happy to look at them. Just lovely!

I've never seen such a radish. I think I shall have to look for those seeds. It would be pretty fun to surprise folks with radishes like those.


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I love Cambra and San Simeon - its beautiful up there. I love the cypress trees and the seals laying in the sand. What a wonderful place to walk to.
Your pictures are very good. How was the radish?
Hope you got some rain - we are waiting for it to hit here in Orange County.

lynne h said...

julie, julie, julie... these paintings. total, total LOVE!!


Sabrina R. Molinar said...

Beautiful! I love the title of your post,I just hammered the words "sea maiden" into a bracelet that I made today.

Librarian said...

That is a wonderful series of pictures and paintings, Julie! As always, you have me completely under your artistic spell.

Judy Shreve said...

Love your paintings - but what a beautiful place to walk!
And I am also looking forward to spring and the early vegetables. Just starting daylight savings time this weekend -- even though it's still cold, makes me know spring is almost here!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a place for inspiration! just beautiful! we have frigid cold with a big storm on the way! yay for me...more snow! i sure love winter this year!

Tracey Broome said...

sigh......... thanks for this virtual trip to the sea! I am a seaside girl and I miss it terribly. I dream of living on the shore again one day........ until then I just visit in photos :)

Kimberly Naumann said...

Oh how I envy you! Our beaches here on Prince Edward Island are world renowned but in winter they might as well not exist because it's just too cold to even consider visiting them. This morning I awoke to a chilly -17 which really isn't all that bad as far as our winters go, it can get much worse! Thank you for sharing your lovely weather, I can stare at your pictures and imagine being warm. I love the paintings as always, someday I will manage to be in the right place at the right time and snag one for my little art collection :)

polkadotpeticoat said...

First how was the radish, it looked delicious?
Your walk on the beach was lovely the seals and the architecture of the white building was beautiful. Not as lovely as your painting though have a way of bringing things to life!

Pat said...

Julie, Your Seaside Girl is probably looking for her old navy man! Such sweet paintings you are creating and as always your photos of your very own paradise are quite lovely. I enjoy your blog so much! Oh, and I've never seen a Watermelon radish... How beautiful is that! You have a wonderful day, pat

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Ah. Now you have me dearly missing California, Julie! How I would love to visit the beach again. :)

You are surrounded by so much beautiful inspiration and create the most wonderful, uplifting paintings. Spring will come knocking at your door soon!

Have a good one,

A bird in the hand said...

What a happy-making post.
Thank you! xo

Maria said...


I'm in love with the ocean painting! Love, Love Love!
I hope one day you'll make it into a print?


Jenny Woolf said...

A lovely lot of pictures, both your own work and the lovely photos - and the beautiful scenery. I have never seen a radish like that. I hope it would taste of watermelon but I suspect it would just taste of radish :)

farmlady said...

An inspiring and lovely post. Your painting is beautiful. Reminds me of my wonderful plate that you made me after Mokie died. I will always cherish it.

Kate Fern said...

Your posts are always wonderful!! I love your through the window paintings. best wishes :)

kathyinozarks said...

I enjoyed your lovely post, very calming. I am so ready for spring too and my little garden-Love your painting Kathy

carol drummond said...

Julie, your paintings are such a delight….So original and fresh and fascinating…xo

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

thanks so much everyone for you comments, I have not tasted the watermelon radish..I think its one that would have to be grown by seed. At least I've never seen one at our Farmer's Mkt. I honestly cannot even remember where I found the picture of it.
Just thought I'd love to try and grow it.
Kimberly it must be so beautiful where you live;
Mary, yes lots of rain and more on its way this evening and tomorrow.

Nan said...

I just love the paintings. They give me the best, cheeriest feeling. Oh, just wonderful.

Madelief said...

Love the new painting you are working on Julie! Your images are always so colourful and sweet.

Your trip to the seashore looks beautiful!!

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Maggie Ann said...

Your watermelon radish is ravishingly lovely. Such color! I enjoyed your refreshing outlook as I always do.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

We are so lucky to live here!

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Animals who garden
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