Monday, June 25, 2012

bird watchers

We are all birdwatchers really. Even if you watch a flock of geese honking across the horizon you are bonafide.

Then there are the binoculars. You know you are a goner when its more important to have a good pair than that new pair of pink shoes you've been longing for.

Here's a guy I saw at San Simeon last week.
Look at these wonderful nests in Zambia, Africa

I don't have those, but I have bluebirds in my garden.

and somewhere there is a dipper that I am going to see soon. That is my dream bird sighting.

They run along the stream, then right underwater looking for water bugs. Sometimes they nest behind waterfalls. Have you seen one?

I once had a bird land on my head and stay for a while. Do you think he thought my hair was good nest material?

Second bird dream: To see the migration of the sandhill crane
I've heard Indiana is one of the best places to see them.

A nest from a friend, it was found abandoned in a tree at San Simeon Ranch. Lined with horsehair and three real eggs.

Have you seen any interesting birds lately?

Don't forget to polish those lenses~




susanc said...

I have a family of bluebirds that come and visit and get mealworms. I have some wonderful photos of them. I was so excited yesterday morning because up until that time, I had only seen two fledglings, but there is also a third! They are so beautiful and the Papa BB is an absolutely sweetheart! I pray that they will all stay safe and have as long a birdlife as they can! ♥

Delila said...

i do love the voices of cranes and my heart skips a beat when i see them, that happens rarely. i live in a place which is known for it's bird life. just few days ago i hears a bird song i have not heard before. i am trying to find out what kind of bird sings with such a beautiful voice. just moment ago i listened for a while the song of blackbird. i will wish that your bird dreams will come true!!

that nest Julie is beautiful, oh those eggs!!!

susanc said...

I have a family of bluebirds that visit each morning and evening when I feed them mealworms. I was so excited to see a third fledgling yesterday morning - up until that point, I had only seen two, but all three showed up with their parents! :) I pray that they all stay safe and live as long a birdlife as they can! ♥

holly aka golly said...

Marvelous post! I love watching birds. Lately, I have seen goldfinches feeding on the wild thistle in the early morning and at dusk. One of my dream birds is to see an american kestrel.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Your post is beautiful. I hope you get to see a Dipper real soon! This spring we had a Robin build her nest with strands of silver tinsel. She was a "master weaver" of course, and her work was beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your love of birds! :)

Carolyn Parker said...

Well, float away, dear one. Your birds blog is lovely and makes me want to go bird watching. Well, at least more than I can do here. Love your bluebird platter, just divine!
xoxo batty and petey (who watches birds VERY stealthily in the garden)

Laura Farrow said...

accidental interactions with birds are so magical.. I always think the spirit world is tapping me on the shoulder when that happens... like, "hello, are you listening?"

Claire said...

Oh Julie, that plate is just delightful.........I watched a DVD about Yellowstone Park throughout the seasons and they showed a Dipper.......
What a wonderful nest and with eggs as well. What a treasure to be given...
I haven't seen any particular interesting birds recently but you know how I love those beautiful creatures.
I hope your bird dreams come true Julie.

Claire ♥♥

vicki said...

Julie that bluebird platter is just gorgeous! Its my most favorite piece that you have ever made.

I love bird watching -- your photos are wonderful and that nest -- what a wonderful treasure!!


Lisa Graham Art said...

Loving your new banner Julie! And your ceramics and painting!

Sandhill Cranes migrate here in Kansas every Spring and Fall. There is a place called Quivera Wildlife Refuge where thousands and thousand of birds migrate to, including the Sandhills. They are a rare sight and they don't stay very long. We have been to the refuge (which is 1 1/2 hour away from Wichita) multiple times and have never seen them. Often we missed them by a day or two. If I ever see one, I shall think of you and this lovely post. : )

Librarian said...

Your new header picture is incredibly beautiful!!
There's many jays and magpies around here, and doves, crows, sparrows, finches, tits, blackbirds and others. Nothing "exotic", but always something going on outside. I like to watch and listen, although the blackbirds can be rather annoying when they sound the cat alarm.

felicity said...

I love birds too. My favourites are robins, blue tits and the pied wagtails that seem to skate along the floor. I love the colours and sensitivity of the portrait in your post, and the one at the top are really beautiful too.

leon10 said...

o wow crane birds we don t have them here in holland blackbirds crows seagulls robins wild geese and magpies (o I dont like them I saw one that pikt a young one (baby) just born from the nest and eat it the parents where yelling and screaming so sad its nature I know that but magpies are rovers and the are very cheeky but well thats nature too love youre pantings again very beautiful groetjes leon10

Flutterby Patch said...

Breakfast time here in England and your birdie thoughts have been a nice gentle way of starting the day. I think Robin songs are my favourite as they always remind me of the book 'The Secret Garden' (by Frances Hodgson Burnett). In the story a Robin guides the little girl (Mary) into an overgown and unloved garden behind an ivy clad wall. . . . magical! Eli x

Vicky Lovejoy said...

I love this post Julie!!I have so many birds in my garden I don't know where to start :)I especially love the long tailed tits which only visit occasionally and always come in a big group of ten or more. I love their tiny perfection and their joyful little twitering :) I also have a very special little baby blackbird who visits every day and has sadly lost her tail :( Even though she's damaged she's always happy and Today I noticed that she's growing a new tail, how amazing is that, nature is so wonderful!!I wish we had bluebirds here in England and I would also LOVE to see a dipper!!
Gorgeous pottery and paintings!!
Hugs vicky xxx

Trudy said...

Your painting with birds landed on your head reminded me of a book. I think you would love it! Beautiful illustrations. It is a children's book, "When Agnes Caws" by Candace Fleming.

sharon said...

Living on the east coast we have different birds than you do......and I would be thrilled to see any of those you mentioned. We live in a double with my parents on the other side, and my dad had multiple birdfeeders, and I can sit for hours and watch....and dream. My favorite in the yard are the woodpeckers and yellow finches. To see a bluebird I have to drive to the is for me a rare sighting, but oh what a happy day!
I adore your plate and your paintings are incredible dreams Julie!

Susan Wells said...

Oh Julie. Wouldn't I love to talk with you over tea about your California birds! I've not seen a dipper but we have a Louisiana water thrush that dips at the river- delightful and distinct! And last weekend I backpacked with my husband at Grayson Highlands in VA. We rustled up Ruffed Grouse! Very rare for us to see. The male stayed in the tree and whined like a doggie. And my other favorites were: Ravens, turkey, cedar wax wings and my cells are still resonating from the hermit thrush.

And I like your lady holding the blue bird. Wouldn't I like to do that with the ones that nest here. They fly away though when I pass their house!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We have several small bird feeders in my yard. The feeders are visited mostly by finches, cardinals and chickadees, which happens to be our state bird. I don't believe I have ever seen a bluebird. Enjoyed my visit today.

Maria said...

Oy, Julie! The portraits are incredible. Wow.
Birds, yes, love the birds. My husband says I have affected the Pacific flyway patterns with my bird feeding habits.
My son and I took a walk the other day with our binocs. Saw Kestrels hunting, Meadow Larks singing,two or three Bluebird families. It's always a lucky day when I see a Bluebird.

Helen Philipps said...

Such a delightful post, I loved the delicate girls and the bluebirds you have created, and the birdie themed pictures....and I so love little bird's nests!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my post...I thought of you when I was in the Lake District, and there are some more lakeland pictures to come :)
Helen x

The Sea Garden said...

I would love to see a bluebird. Your artwork heavenly as ever. I hav a new camera so hopefully i can take some piccies for my blog. we live in bird heaven here

The Sea Garden said...

I must have pressed to wrong button when i commented? I would love to see a bluebird. Do so love your portraits, as fabulous as your pottery. I have a new camera and hope to take some birds piccies for my blog.

dulcy said...

Actually, I have seen interesting birds lately. We have four baby, but really big, yellow crowned night herons in a nest above our garage. They're huge and feathered, but still a bit to timid to leave the nest. We also have five big baby coopers hawks that try to all fit in our bird bath at once. It's like a bunch of big puppies. They whistle and chase each other around the trees. Such fun!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Beautiful post! Not the the Robin was unusual, but what was unusual was how close he came to me hopping around on the ground looking for food, cocking his head to the side listening for insects and then dining right in front of me!

Also, thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog about my nephews art. We're very proud of him! :-)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Beautiful post! Not the the Robin was unusual, but what was unusual was how close he came to me hopping around on the ground looking for food, cocking his head to the side listening for insects and then dining right in front of me!

Also, thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog about my nephews art. We're very proud of him! :-)

Deb said...

Gorgeous post Julie ! I love both your artwork & pottery ~ stunning ♥

Lori ann said...

ah julie, i LOVE this post. LOVE your paintings, they are so perfect, delicate, whimsical, ethereal, charming. love your pottery always.

your african bird is a weaver, i think the lesser masked. they are fascinating to watch. some of their nests can be as large as an an easy chair!

the sandhill crane is one that eludes us too, it can be found at the carrizo plain, hopefully we'll see it someday. i hope you see a dipper too, it's exciting to have something to look forward to. right now i love seeing hummingbirds, for the memory of my mom.

p.s. i have the second bird book too :)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hi Julie--love the birds--in fact I am considering getting a canary to keep me company in my office!
I would love to order a piece of pottery--have tried to contact you, but apparently my default mail client is not properly installed! Please send me your email address at :

Fading Grace said...

Hello Julie, I must confess to becoming a bit of a twitcher in my old age, on the solstice I saw a cuckoo, and a kestral at least I think it was, not great on my birds of prey and it was too far. we have starlings nesting in the eaves. I love your header so beautiful. x

Aprilgirl said...

We've had a very charming Robin guest nesting in our courtyard recently. The beautiful nest is tucked up in an espaliered apple tree. It has been fun to watch all of the busy comings and goings of this very sweet bird. Up in the islands, we enjoyed watching Heron fish out in the tide throughout the day. Lovely pottery and paintings, Julie. What a treat to read your blog!

Rachel - Mozart's Girl said...

Hello dearest Julie! So sorry that I haven't visited for a your new header, you are so talented. I especially enjoy the gorgeous use of soft, clear colours. I had a funny bird experience at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday...a still-fluffy baby starling landed feet first of my piled-high tray of walnut brownies!It's mother wasn't far behind & soon told it off - but they achieved their aim, as of course I had to discard the brownie it landed on & they got to eat it! So cute. Happy summer to you, dear friend - I love that book, Birds - Shown to the Children, too. Have many in that beautiful set. Have a lovely weekend xoxo Rachel

carol drummond said...

I did have little parrotlet that used to burrow in my hair....omg...trying to get her out!....her little tiny legs stretching ..not wanting to let go.....It got so i would have to wrap my hair up totally in a scarf so she would not

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Wonderful! The cranes are my favourite. Love the painting at the top of your blog Julie and the lovely platter too. x

Anonymous said...

Love your work - that bluebird platter is wonderful!
We have sandhill cranes here. They are so majestic, but
the state wants to legalize hunting them - can you believe that? So sad to think that might happen.

pat said...

I do love your bird posts, and what could be better than your pottery. We have several nesting pairs of bluebirds. I'm not certain how many to tell the truth. This spring with put up 6 new boxes, and everyone was all aflutter with excitment. A sure sign of spring here in Michigan is the return of the sandhill cranes.
They are so noisy with their calling back and forth to on another, and they object to Oscar and I walking in our field when they are having breakfast.

Work Of Our Hands said...

We have the same weaver birds in Namibia, and what's interesting is that the male builds the nest and only if he does it " right" will she mate with him :) When watching them build,it's funny because she keeps inspecting, and he keeps fussing at her, as if saying "It's not done, it's not done !"

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Beautiful bird photos. Yes, I think we all like to watch birds. Love your pretty pottery. We have painted buntings that come here every year. They don't stay too long. Just enough to get some water. Have a happy 4th!

Christie said...

My goodness...we were missionaries to Zambia when I was a little girl. That is where my youngest brother was born.
We are bonafide birdwatchers...we own binoculars! Our backyard is a bird haven...we can sit in our back porch rockets for hours, mesmerized by our feathered friends. Thank you for such a beautiful post, dear friend!

Barbara said...

We do not have Dippers here but we do have lots of others. The Crane is not native to our country either as far as I know but we do have Heron's (that steal my fish!) that are similar.

Lover your plate.

annamaria said...

Wow, beautiful post! Always so much beauty and inspiration in your blog Julie:)

Ruthie Miller said...

I love your work. The painting at the top with the bird earrings. Self portrait? It is wonderful. I love the first dish too. You are one talented lady.
Ruthie from:
We have been watching and she has been watching us~a mourning dove sitting on the nest for weeks now. I read the female sits all day and then the male takes over at night so she can go eat. Saw a hummingbird yesterday too. That is always a treat.

Anonymous said...

I hear them... I grab the binoculars... but I rarely see them. I think the birds up here are more shy than in the city. :)
As always, it's such a joy to pop over and visit you, Julie! Beautiful art and thoughtful words.
Hope you have a great week,

Tania Covo said...

Hi Julie, I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award - have a look on my blog. XTania

Charlotte Bezzant said...

Dear Julie,

I know Tania (Moonflygirl) has already awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award, but I also had to add you to my list of blogs that I love to look at. It seems a fun and harmless way for bloggers to connect, and I am sure everyone who visits will love what you do!

Charlotte x (Of Mabel and Mr Fox commission!)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Dear Tania and Charlotte, Thank you so much! Does this mean I should write seven things about myself? oh, torture.
Ruthie, thats not me. But does look a little like my mother. You look somewhat like the lady with the bluebird on her head, don't you think?. Love your haircut!

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Your work is beautifully fresh and live.....glad I found your blog!

Best wishes,

Riet said...

What a great blog I love your work I am following you

A time to dance said...

Hi julie remember me....4 days to go and we break up for the summer....I passed the first year of my course but it was hard work. I have a new email
I still look at my lovely mugs and think of lovely I would love to find a birds nest

Paulina said...

Hi Julie,

I'm always looking for blackbirds.
They are my message birds.

I wish you are well! really beautiful work!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey this is such a beautiful post. I am so happy I came by tonight.
It has been way to long since my last visit.
Your plate is absolutely gorgeous. As always I leave here in awe of your gift for creating such beautiful pieces.
I too love to watch my birds especially the Robins that have been giving me such a delight every day.

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Animals who garden
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