Wednesday, May 23, 2012

garden girls

Last weekend was the Garden Tour here in Cambria. When I wasn't planting or watering, I've been working on a new painting .

In between times I went garden hopping myself. I saw window boxes that defied the laws of physics they were so full and lush.

I picked flowers

I started a new book

It's cover reminded me of an older one, that never does fade in our hearts.

A drive to see wildflowers is always the perfect way to spend a May afternoon , there's lot of mustard and poppys lately and big patches of pink wild sweet peas

This is one of my favorite images to paint, So I put it in my big painting below. I brought it in to photograph and realized I forgot to add the wallpaper design; its going to be pale white primroses. Its a big painting for me, 36 x 24. I looked forward to working on it every morning for weeks, I'm glad I still have a little bit left before I finish.

The kitty is a garden girl too, and wears a bell around her neck to warn the birds.

Thank you for visiting and your kind comments! And thanks too to my new followers~

Happy gardeningxxx julie


millefeuilles said...

I simply love it all, Julie! Gardens make my heart sing and your paintings? Sigh of pleasure.


Laura Farrow said...

if I had to describe my happy place, a wild flower garden would feature prominently! how heavenly is summertime?? VERY.

Delila said...

that garden looks very beautiful Julie! In Finland i miss to see beautiful gardens like there is in England... the garden you visited looks like it could have been in England.

the Forgotten Garden book is one of my favorites, such a wonderful story. There is another lovely garden novel too, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison.

have a lovely day!

Tammie Lee said...

garden tours sound like a grand thing to be part of and to enjoy.

your pieces are charming as ever.

Zulma said...

Beautiful !!! the cat beautiful ... todo todo todo beautiful ... te mando un besote !!!

Valerianna said...

Love the kitty with her little bird bell!

I have California poppies blooming in my garden this year... I look forward to seeing them blooming in Califronia one day!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Ooooooo!! I LOVE anything GARDEN!!!

I just started this same book, and I am liking it quite well!!

I love love love all your ART!!!
Blessings Linnie

Librarian said...

When I was in hospital for some minor surgery in September 2010, I read Kate Morton's "Forgotten Garden" and enjoyed it very much. It is also mentioned on my blog.

Lovely pictures, as always; the one with the row of garden books is simply lovely!

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

What a beautiful post. So inspiring. And I am very fond of Kate Morton´s books and of A Secret Garden.

leon10 said...

very nice garden I like the rose bushes the painting is so lovely kate morton books are great sarah addison allen also garden spells is very nice book cecelia ahern the time of my life is also a nice book or from carolyne jess - cooke a gardian angel journals so beautiful greethings

Vicky said...

Julie your painting is so beautiful, I really love the beautiful little blue bird.
It's such a wonderful time of year to gather inspiration from nature!!
Vicky xxx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

All beautiful Julie, really lovely. Lesley x

Susan Wells said...

Thanks Julie for more feeding of our hearts that crave well tended gardens. Yesterday I visited one of Mother Nature's, she had so many fire pinks out!

gallerydarrow said...

You certainly do live in a lush area, filled with gorgeous plants.

I started that same book!

Your painted pottery is divine.

xo Ro

sandra said...

Your painting makes me HAPPY!!!

nina said...

i would SO love a pinafore like the red one she is wearing in the garden.... all your photos are so lovely, as are the paintings and pottery....
i've a new book to recommend to you - The Girl in the Garden. i listened to it on the way to and from alabama in the car, an enjoyable tale with lots going on and a beautiful garden as well. inspired by The Secret Garden, she said. xox

nina said...

this may be a repeat, google erased what i said:
lovely painting, lovely pottery, lovely photos...lovely flowers! and i would so love to have a pinafore like the red one on the gardener gal. if only i could sew!
a book to recommend to you - The Girl in the Garden, which i listened to in the car on the way to and from alabama. inspired by The Secret Garden and by the author's own trips to india....xo

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Nina, I want one of those pinafores too! Reminds me a little bit of a bib apron, but looser.
I'll order that book and thanks for telling me about it. xxx
And to everyone who has read The Forgotten Garden, I feel like I really picked out the right book for May~ thx for all your lovely commentsxx

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Oh! I like your cups and pots very much. The one with a wolf is so cute!
I collect vintage children's dishes and love these illustrations.
Besos (kisses) from Argentina. Silvina.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

As always, loveliness abounds here! I love the painting. I love the composition of the zoomed-in detail of it, too. Hope to see another photo after you add the primrose design -- if you do. :)

Aprilgirl said...

Loved seeing your latest post "garden girls". The pictures, your beautiful painting, and those charming pots are just the best! That kitty with the bird bell in your painting is delightful. Happy gardening!

Trudy said...

Your work is beautiful!!

Charlotte Bezzant said...

Oh Julie, the wildflower meadow is just eye popping! Charlotte x

jone hallmark said...

Julie, your new painting is inspired!
I still dream of coming to meet you and PLAY sometime (....soon....?)

I just adore you and the moments I get to spend with you here on your blog....


susan jenkins said...


susan jenkins said...

LOVE your painting!!

Crafted by Carly said...

What a gorgeous, summery post! :-)

Pixie said...

The forgotten garden is one of my favourite books, i hope you enjoy it as much i did, her other books are great too.

karumina said...

Son preciosas!!! tus dibujos, cerámicas... me encantan.
Muchas gracias

Aunt Jenny said...

I LOVE your garden girls. Both of the books you mentioned are favorites as well.
I miss the early blooming central coast..we are finally getting flowers and trees blooming wild pink roses (the ones I use for jelly) are blooming in the front of my little old house right now. I love that! Isn't spring magical? Have a great week!!

Madelief said...

Hi Julie,

It's always a joy to visit your blog and see what you made. Your little bowl and pot look beautiful!

I love the image of the garden with the roses too. There are no roses in bloom in my garden yet, but I hope they will be soon!

Wish you a happy weekend!

Madelief x

vicki said...

Dearest Julie- where do I begin? The garden photos are to die for--- I can't even imagine---
Your paintings and pottery are do perfectly suited to a beautiful spring- they make my heart sing just to look at them!

We are kindred souls-- I reread The Secret Garden just a short while ago. My favorite part is how the little bird leads her to the buried key---

I love Kate Morton books- I've read them all!

I love your blog- its is beauty beyond description!

Patti Sweede said...

So enchanting!!!!

Helen Philipps said...

Delightful post, Julie....I love your sweet garden girls and all the flowery references and delicately pretty pottery. I must re read The Secret Garden again, and I will get the Kate Morton book :)
Helen x

annamaria said...

I love, love,love! that painting Julie:)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Just lovely, every photo. The painting is going to be a beauty. The wild flowers are amazing. I would be visiting that meadow often.

Country Rabbit said...

my word your painting is amazingly beautiful - you are such a talent, you really inspired me today and i finally got out my watercolours from their dusty shelf...and did a little painting ;0), no where near as talented as you, but i must keep at it, id forgotten how much i love painting x

beautiful post x

x kazzy x

Auntie Bliss said...

Defied the law of physics hahaha!!! I'd love to have seen them.
I love your paintings and all the pottery...I need another hutch, right?
The book you bought...if you can judge by the cover will be wonderful :)

Kathleen Conard said...

Your pottery, paintings, photographs and blog are wonderful - I am so glad to have "found" you!


Anonymous said... live in a beautiful your paintings!!!!!

Shelley said...

Such beautiful work....the platter in your header picture made me smile. It puts me in mind of my eldest daughter,she loves her animals :)
I always enjoy stopping by to see what you have made. Such talent!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your garden girl pottery and painting are wonderful! ] I hope you enjoy the Forgotten Garden! I loved it!

Lori ann said...

stunning painting julie, is this going in chambers or your home? i'm glad you had such a lovely may.
xxx lori

lynne h said...

the painting, julie!! oh, but wait, the pottery!! good gracious, you know i adore what you do...

the color of the wall and the tablecloth *totally* send me!


Betty said...

Lovely painting, I do love your work.

ShannonAnn said...

Your days are filled with beauty! I noticed a little pinch pot in the mix, how sweet.

Anonymous said...

All so very beautiful, Julie! LOVE the kitty garden girl. :)
Have a happy one,

Jeri Landers said...

Hey, that little blond lady with the chicken, foxgloves (and or Hollyhocks) and red dog.... I think that is me!!

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love this start to finish.....its pure magic and it feeds the soul!!

sharon said...

As always I leave your blog drooling and dreaming!
Very beautiful Julie, you do beautiful so well!

Ruthie Miller said...

You are so creative. I love your whimsical spin on everything. Your pottery designs are incredibly charming. I have been enjoying them for awhile now but just joined today.
Hollyhocks? Old fashioned charm. Wish I could get them to grow. They are magical.
I would love to have that painting hanging in my house. How darling of the pussy cat to wear a bell to warn the birds. He is looking on like a proper gentleman.
Thank you! Please come visit Lady B and me at:

Marylinn Kelly said...

What pleasant seasonal time travel. I didn't know there were wild sweet peas. Seeing your hollyhocks, it becomes easy to feel the Cambria sun, so welcome and just the right warmth after the fog. Visiting here is a lovely respite.

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Animals who garden
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