Monday, March 7, 2011


1810 was a banner year for crafts. Samplers, silouettes, and paper mache flourished.
In Staffordshire, the world's pottery center in 1810, classical themes were abandoned and potteries began to represent current events in their pieces. This couple are wearing the fashions of the time. Tee Totaling was popular, but you can see the mister isn't too happy about it.
This was made while Jane Austen was writing Sense and Sensiblity down the road apiece. And Beethoven was preforming live in Germany.

So when Ann Wood offered a tutorial on her blog, one for a cup that reminded me of early nineteenth century pottery, I printed it out and bought a tub of wallpaper paste. I have alot of pent up paper mache love. My theme for the cups is 1810, even the paper on the butterfly cup is 200 years old. When you moisten the newspaper with the paste its very much like clay. And the pattern is so refined; Ann is not only brilliant, but generous.

Here is a pile of paper crockery of Ann's, showing how evenly she lays the paper strips.

One of Ann's other creations. All can be seen here:

French paper mache doll head of the era.

Just like the ones Jane wore as she dipped her pen nib into an inkwell and scribbled away.

I took Ann's pattern to the print shop and had it enlarged to make this loving cup.
The best part was adding the gold ink to make it sparkle a bit.

Listing as promised today and tomorrow

And over the weekend I went looking for spring.
I think I found it!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

this whole post is wonderful..i LOVE the loving cup...the gold really makes it all the new pieces for SPRING...and then...i come to the most beautiful picture of PINK BLOSSOMS and a country back road....

i am HAPPY today !!!!

donkey in a SPRING apron

CynHunt said...

These are so unique and lovely. Your creativity is always flourishing!

hensteeth said...

As usual, all I can come up with here is "Oh my".

I love also that you mention Staffordshire.

art spirit said...

What a wonderful post! So inspiring!
Love all your creations and Ann's too. Makes me want to do some paper mache!

Lori ann said...

Oh Julie! You are so generous sharing all this loveliness with us. Honestly is there no end to your creativity?

How I hope this spring brings us no F O G , like last year. Or at least not six straight months of it!

Beautiful gorgeous cups! I am sad I didnt make it up to Cambria this weekend, and I was in Cayucos. Next time for sure!

A bird in the hand said...


I downloaded Ann Woods template a few days ago, but I haven't made the tea cup yet. I do love yours. xoxo

Claire said...

Hey Julie, love you papier mache cups, delightful and the loving cup with it's sparkle of gold is just gorgeous.

I have wanted to try papier mache for some time so shall duck over to Ann's blog, I just loooove her owls.
Will we be seeing more papier mache makes from you?

Nice to see Spring making it's presence felt in your neck of the woods. Thanks for visiting, enjoy your week.

Claire :}

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a neat post. The loving cup is lovely. All your things are great!

farmlady said...

Oh my gosh, Your posts always look like Spring has arrived.
This is all so charming and pretty.
That last picture at the end is just the way I feel when I look at your pottery.
What a gift you have...

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Everything you pictured here is beautiful... ! ♥

Librarian said...

I've never come across a post of yours that wasn't beautiful - and this one is not only beautiful but even teaches me something!
Thank you!

DollZandThingZ said...

Those are absolutley lovely! I have made a tea cup from the template and love it. Your signature art work looks fabulous on the cups!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Just beautiful! The cup is just gorgeous, but I'm loving that pink blossom tree! We still have about 12 - 15 inches of snow on the ground in Northern Massachusetts! But Spring is in the air!

Laura said...

how exciting to so something new. inspiring! thanks for sharing:)

annamaria said...

How beautiful Julie- what a lovely post- I love the cups and aren't these shoes amazing!!!xx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you so much for your comments, gals. And Viv, I had to edit considerably because I could go on for paragraphs about unique and thrilling Staffordshire potteries!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Ann Wood's website is lovely, she's so clever and so are you Julie, those papier mache cups are adorable! x

gallerydarrow said...

I enjoyed learning about your process.

The "spring" shot is beyond gorgeous.

I adore your work, xoxo

Beatriz said...

nice place to live
greetings from Barcelona

Anonymous said...

Julie,theses are lovely . You inspire me!

April said...

You found Spring, and I always find Magic when I walk your way! I LOVE the teacups!!! There is such a fantasy about them- their delicacy. My dear friend, Helen, made a wonderful Ann Wood teacup from origami paper. I think we should all make one and raise a toast of our delicious hot tea to you, Fairytale Julie, and SPRING!!!

susan jenkins said...

Julie your cups are just beaiutiful!!! I LOVE them all! Beautiful post!
xx Susan

Pauline said...

The papier mache cups are beautiful and I love your fox at the top too.

Anonymous said...

LOVE everything about this post, Julie! You make the most wonderful things! I've been following Ann's blog for a while now - another wonderful artist!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Working with papier mache is lovely and you´ve done very well!
Love the colours and the golden ink;)
Congratulations to finding the spring,
it´s hiding over here.

A still small voice said...

Just lovely ...they are sock is finished and now on number two...should be in the post next weekend I hope you like them...they are being made with lots of love in every stitch...

dulcy said...

Absolutely LOVE it all! The colors and detail are just delightful.... I was so happy to open your blog to the sweet little foxy banner!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Simply extraordinary!
I love all of these.
You make the best foxes!!

RSA Online said...

I love that couple with the baby creation! Very lovely

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I saw Anne Wood's cup on the selvedge site and then saw her tutorial, but haven't tried it. Yes...she is generous to share it with us! I am going to DO IT! Thanks for the encouragement and your awesomeness.:)----<

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Julie, What an interesting post, and i love the way you ended finding spring! that picture and comment was like the cherry on top of the cupcake! loved it...guess you can tell. Come to think of it, I made a 'paper' cupcake for a collage challenge on my art blog. I don't think the ladies cared for it, I only got 2 comments. It is a bit misshappen but it gave me a thrill to fashion it, yes it did. I rejoiced over it that day....a hug from Maggie Ann

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi julie! you can definitely leave the caraway seeds out of the bread. i love caraway but lots of people don't. it is still very good. it is also terrific served with clotted cream and jam!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my oatmeal cookies. Hope your ankle is healing and you'll be up and about soon!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my goodness if I had missed this post of yours today I would of kicked myself ten times over and over. lol
I can't believe this is just so neat and it is paper mache. I have always been fascinated with that process.
Your cups as always are lovely.
I have to sneek over and take a peak at her site too. but I will be back
Love ya

vicki said...

Julie - your newest creations are delightful (of course!) And the little paper mache covered cup is adorable also - love the gold sparkles!

I think you did find spring - I am hopeing that she will be here in just a few more days.


Aunt Jenny said...

Wonderful, as always to read your post Julie. I love the paper mache cups!! And love that you have found spring there. We are a little behind on spring arriving but with time we will catch up. I do have daffodils blooming and tulips with very full buds now..won't be long. My seedlings are popping up.
I am looking forward to a calm week. May just be hopeful thinking, but hopeful is good, right?
Thanks for the beauty I can always find on your blog!

Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm and thanks for stopping by my post about Kary's dish cloths! She is a gem and you are so lucky to live nearby! Your papier mache tea cups are just lovely - and remind me so very much of Jane Austin's settings for her novels - how many times have I watched Emma????? LOL Do you know the papier mache globe that the movie Emma begins with? I think it's a wedding gift from Emma to her governess - hand painted - so delicate. Ciao, bella!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This is a great post. I agree these pieces are so unique.Really glad that I found your blog!!

Anonymous said...

First, I just love your cups! The paper is genious, and must give some freedom to the decorator in that no kiln gods will interrupt the process! For those tea cup collectore, viola!
As always it is refreshing to visit this wonderful place, thank you for creating it! B.

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