Thursday, January 20, 2011

bird girls

Here are a few warning signs that you, dear reader, are a bird girl. Firstly, you find yourself looking up when you see a flock of birds zigzaging across the sky, and watch raptly until they dissapear.
You mark Bird Festivals on your calendar. While there, you bite your lip over the ultra lightweight deluxe binoculars and calculate if you give up chocolate for the entire year you might be able to wedge them into your grocery budget.

Here's my very own second sighting this past weekened at the Morro Bay Bird Festival. He stalked frogs as quietly as the grass growing beneath him.

My first sighting happened above, at Morro Rock. I watched a pair of Perigrine Falcons. The fastest birds in the avian world. 200 MPH in dives!

Bird girls are postitive there are birds in heaven. This is irrefutible.
I can see you nodding now. See? you are a bird girl......

These lovliest of wrist warmers were knit by Helen Lambert. Aren't they exquisite?

Helen sometimes features her work on her blog:

Listing as promised today.
and thank you for the comments on my last post.
what generous hearts you have.
April to pilot them
May speeding after
And each bird's compass
His small red heart.
john clare


A Time to Dance said...

I am a bird girl, I love Robins and oyster catchers best....the wristies look lovely sooooo glad you like them...H

gallerydarrow said...

Hello Julie,

I love your art and Cambria and the plethora of birds found along your coastline and in the estuaries there.
Count me in as a "bird girl"

Nice to meet you, Rochelle

Librarian said...

Oh, wow, I didn't know that these falcons are the fastest birds of all! (But then again, I never actually tried to find out which is the fastest bird)
I wouldn't go so far to call myself a bird girl, but I do love herons. We have plenty here where I live, and this is a town of almost 90.000 inhabitants. Of course they do not live right in the middle of town center, but they seem to be thriving in the area.
And as always, your work is beautiful!

Susan Allan said...

I am a bird girl--always known it. Your creations are beautifil and so are your photographs.
Sue xx

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love all of it..."quietly as the grass growing beneath him" leaves me speechless....

loved the beautiful photographs...

and the wristies...what can i say?


farmhouse donkey

vicki said...

Well - you know I am a BIRD girl!! Beautiful beautiful photos dear Julie - I love them all! All I can say is that if you EVER make another plate just like that one with the girl holding the bluebird - It MUST have my name reserved for it!! Absolutely fabulous - add me to the list!


sharon said...

I am a bird girl too! Your new pieces are beautiful!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely bird girls - and pretty wrist warmers too, very fine knitting. Lesley x

dulcy said...

Oh yes! Definitely a bird girl. Card carrying member of Audubon Society.... Spent an afternoon this week at a nearby lake and was lucky to see two bald eagles, two trumpeter swans, and about three or four white pelicans. Also assorted water birds (ducks, coots, herons). Also, adore the plate shown in the first picture of this post!

A bird in the hand said...

From one bird girl to another: Let's flock together!!

I adore your bird girl plates.


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
Yes! I am also a bird girl and a bird watcher. I always love the Cape Cod shore birds, but we have plenty of owls and eagles and hawks around here to keep me busy. I like the positive energy of the birds, and even keep a collection of their "letters" (feathers) to me! (I think you told me that!)

Of course love the new pottery. Many of my most cherished JW pieces are birds. Imagine that!!!

Liz XO

Maggie Ann said...

200! Yes, I am a bit of a bird girl too. It is thrilling to see the 'cloud' of birds swooping all together overhead. We stop in awe and watch. Not to mention the excitement of seeing a real owl or a cardinal. Your post is a always. Your wrist warmers are so pretty, and that plate with the lady laying on the flying bird's back is such a makes me smile. Have you come across a book by Grace Livingston Hill to try ? 'The Street of the City' comes to mind. She has sooo many good ones. warm wishes for a cozy January, from Maggie Ann

Carolee said...

Beautiful post, and beautiful work! Love the wristies too. :)

~ Carolee

art spirit said...

I'm a bird girl too!... talk to them on my daily walks here in the mountains.
LOVE the flying bird girl plate and all your beautiful pottery!

Patricia Griffin said...

If I weren't a "bird girl" already, your delightful post would make me one!

Maria said...

Yep, bird girl here too. Lovely post, Julie.

annamaria said...

Oh Julie, they are absolutely gorgeous- your bird girls- love, love them!!!

oldflowers4me said...

i love your world.

Lori ann said...

awesome. i love it here today julie. i saw those falcons too, when we come to watch the otters and paddle in the bay.
and your work. INCREDIBLE. Love it all.

susan jenkins said...

Beautiful post Julie! Yep, bird girl here. The Heron photo is wonderful! So rare to see the blue here. Supposed to be good luck to see one. Love your pottery pieces too, girl on the bird,wonderful!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a great post. So enjoyed by visit by here tonight.
Are you going to be selling some of your cups on Etsy.
I went by there tonight.
Would love to own some of your pottery

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

I think I'm a birdgirl...
I often dream that I have wings!
Gorgeous wrist warmers that Helen has made for you,
she is a knitting-girl for sure:)
Mr Rabbit is in the Vintage Fairy Tales,
have a look!

Anonymous said...

I am a bird girls too!

Wonderful photos and of course, I'm in love with your pottery. :)

Wishing you a lovely day,

April said...

I am a Bird Old Woman...I cannot lie because we have a bird hanging over our bed for every year we've been married. Some are store bought, some are handmade by me or my husband...but there are now 36 birds who fly free every night when we snuggle under the blankets. Your birds are just as sweet, just as tender...wishes captured and set free.

Debra said...

I enjoy your pottery especially the piece with the girl and bird, but also the hedgehog.

Lesley said...

That's definitely me on that plate! We sometimes spot perigrine falcons when we're in Cornwall. Amazing birds! x

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