Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pot de Terre

I inherited my grandparents four poster bed and its under a blue flowered quilt in that bed that I used to dream of throwing clay while I waited for sleep. I had a setback a couple years ago and haven't been at the wheel since. But we've set it up again, repaired frayed cords and I'm back in the batter's box. When I first stared my pottery in the nineties, I called it Pot de Terre.(Pots of Earth)
Carolyn, Kary, Sue, do you remember that?
Throwing again means olive oil bottles, cups and pitchers,

and teapots. Here's one with Hedgehog setting out a pie for a tea party. Fox is bringing an egg, neighbor hedgie a rosemary tree and rabbit is flying in just in time. The teapot has a stand or trivet to rest on too, so the table won't get a mark on it.

To celebrate , we took a trip to the apple orchard.

We picked Gopher Glen , its got the very best cider and twenty seven different apple varieties
After awhile your jaws get tired from chewing all the samples!

plums, pears, and fresh picked zuchinni and squash too.

The first thing I did when we got home with our bounty was to pour a glass of cider and cut up an apple. A limbertwig. In the bowl are spitzenbergs too, seckle pears and Santa Rosa plums.
** I want to here and now say that you, my treasured friends and customers never said a word about the lack of thrown things, you have been steadfast and kept me in business and I am
a lucky potter girl to have such loyalty. That I know.



Susan Allan said...

I love the tiny little pot at the top of this post...in fact I love everything you do.
Have a lovely day
Sue xx

Delila Jemaiel said...


i just LOVE the teapot!!! <3
your blog posts are always so lovely.

April said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! "The lack of thrown things"???? Oh my dear, Julie, until you mentioned it I don't think any of us gave it a thought! Maybe I'm just not clever enough to have missed pottery done on a wheel...but I think more it's the fact that your pottery is so Unique, So Enchanting, So Heart-touching that all of us are Thrilled with EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!! WE don't stop to consider what is missing..we are overwhelmed at all that is there!

lilylovekin said...

The teapot is wonderful, I love your work thrown or not. Do what you must do I'll love it no matter what.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh the teapot with the hedgehog..she is adorable...as is all of it...

and YES !!!! I REMEMBER....

I have LOVED julie's things since she first started years ago...
in fact, my Halloween pieces are always hung in my kitchen...they just make me HAPPY.....


Tracey Broome said...

Julie I just love reading your blog and seeing your work! I lived in this world when Wesley was a little girl. We read a lot of Beatrix Potter and your last post about living in an acorn reminded me of a book we read about a mouse that made a home in a teapot. I loved that book, can't remember the name of it. Good luck with the wheel. I have been hand building all summer and threw some bowls last week for the first time in months. I have to say, it went really well, I threw better than ever. Maybe the break was good for me, hope it's the same for you.


Oh what a Yummy Post - all just looks so delightful! Just love all you do, such a cleaver girl!
Vicky x

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Julie, another post chocful of wonderful pictures.
I must say I have never heard of those apple varieties, I wonder how people come up with all the different names?
I will second Aprils comments. Having just 'found' you in the last year or two, I am unaware of what you have made previously. I just admire your talent and imagination and what those two put together, create. All the best being back at the wheel again.
Love the hedgehog teapot. A question totally out of the 'blue' - have you ever thought of writing and illustrating a childrens storybook?
Beautiful, sunny morning here, crab apple is a sea of blossom and the bees are loving it.

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Beautiful pictures, and such beautiful work you do. I simply need to buy something of yours one of these days! ♥

Aunt Jenny said...

I adore the hedgehog teapot..just so sweet!!
And boy do I miss Gopher Glen this time of year!
I am going to the next best thing (at least in Utah) The big red barn at Rowly farms about an hour north of here for a hayride and apple buying spree on Saturday...yipeee!!
How fun that you have the wheel going..can't wait to see what you come up with now..you amaze me!

cabin fever said...

Beautiful new pieces, LOVE that teapot and Mr. Hedgehog!

And your autumn pictures from Cambria are a wonderful tribute to Autumn. I appreciate them all the way here in New England.

I have been so fortunate to collect your pieces for a L-O-N-G time, now.
I treasure each and every one. I really don't care if they are thrown or not. What matters to me is that I have many wonderful JW originals, crafted from the heart.

Liz xoxo

farmlady said...

I adore what you do, whether they are "thrown" or not. I treasure my Moke and Farmlady plate.
You have a gift of talent and the soul of an artist. Can't wait to see the new pieces that come from the wheel but don't stop making all the rest. I love all of it.

Lori ann said...

Does this mean you'll be adding more to your shop?!

Julie, that hedgehog teapot is the finest thing i've ever seen, and the most adorable!!

And i think April said it best, thrilled with everything you do.
xxx lori

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Come on little Miss Hedhehog this is the way to the Vintage Fairy Tales, we are waiting for the pie!!!!
Love everything you do, Julie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such happy news, Julie!!! Glad to hear you can throw again - you create such wonderful pieces!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Such lovely work, Julie. Congratulations on throwing again! So nice to also to see the wonderful produce at he apple farm and your 'bounty'. Lesley x

Maggie Ann said...

What an adorable teapot! It must be fun to have such talent and be able to create these lovelies.

Lynne said...

Hi, I've just found you through Hen's Teeth. And how delightful it is here!

Pat said...

Well, I love everything you make, so we are the lucky ones - out here in cyberspace - to see what lovely things you create....hugs, pat

A bird in the hand said...

You've created a magical world... I tend to think of you as the Beatrix Potter (no pun intended) of the 21st century.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Julie the art class with NIna was awesome!. My favorte necklace she had for sale was one with your bird charm

susan jenkins said...

So wonderful you are throwing again, I know how you loved it.Your pinched work was beautiful too.The teapot is precious.So looking forward to all the new!
xx sis

Barbara said...

So there will be lots more pottery to see soon.

All the fruit looks good.

Only had afternoon tea at Jamie's parents pub but do have photos to post. Did go to his Italian restuarant in Cambridge though and will show y ou the food on that eventually. It was good.

claudia said...

very nice,have a good weekend from Tenerife!!!

vicki said...

Your new pottery designs are lovely - I am in love with each new creation that comes from your hands!

The fall harvest photos are beautiful also - such colors - a wonderful display.


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