Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Fingers

On Friday I delivered a pottery order to Birds of a Feather on Main Street, and thats when my temperature started to climb. Because the sun is back out on a regular basis and I think everyone around town has a case of March Madness. One of my first symtons is always a craving for nasturiums. On the way to Bonnie's I stopped at our garden center and found myself swooning over bags of compost and flowered garden gloves, which I never wear. I like to get soil on my hands and my knees damp through my jeans.

For the last few years I've been using the Hit or Miss gardening method. I have planted and lost, but I am not deterred. All arrows point to woody herbs, shrub roses, scented geraniums and the afore mentioned golden lovliness of nasturtiums.They grow so well here that I feel like an accomplished gardener as I tuck them in every available space around the fence. Even though I know in my soul of souls that even Charlie Brown could succeed with them. All my garden horizons are dripping with froths of Magnolias in blossom, clematis exploding over doorways, and cabbage roses so enormous I could lay my head on them to rest from all my gardening glories. In the meantime I've got the rustics.

I left the garden displays long enough to take pictures of some of the lovlies Bonnie collects for her shows. A gardening friend.

This is only a smattering of the ribbon.

A rural looking bird cage that relembles a cottage.

Can a person get heart palpitations over a garden hat? Yes, I'm living proof they can.

Candlesticks from Bonnies. With dark cherry wood showing through worn putty colored paint.
And though my house is beginning to be mistaken for a florists shop, I couldn't resist the potted deliciousness of this homespun nasturium, 'Black Velvet' . Its so much more than a pretty face.

I wanted to share Lesley's work from Bird Ahoy. I sure was fortunate to win this beautiful necklace of carved stone, which is so light! The stone is carved with a key, and the second stone asks as a fastener. Simple and the kind of piece that goes with everything. The earrings too, light and simple, and a surprise from Lesley, they are going to go with all the grey I wear. Yup, love the greys. Thanks so much, Lesley! Both pieces are beautiful.


The Spring comes in

when no one is looking.

You're lying in bed

with a cold in your head,

Or you may be cooking;

Putting new covers on the chairs,

When, suddenly, taking you unawares,

A thrush in the orchard starts to sing,

and once again, you have missed the spring.

Reginald Arkell

xx and happy planting



Carolyn Parker said...

Dearest Julie,
You have inspired me to go out and work in my garden and leave the housework behind! Love your pictures and the awareness of the beauty all around us. Thank you. Today is a gift.
love, batty maeblyleco

Librarian said...

I wish!!
Woke up on Saturday morning to find myself in Winter Wonderland again - a place I never am particularly enthusiastic about, but where I soooo do NOT want to be when the calendar says it is already March, and there already have been some lovely little flowers out and all the birds are ready to start their spring business.
Another week and I will fly to the Côte d'Azur, where I am hoping to catch some slightly warmer temperatures than the 8 below zero (Celsius) we had here this morning...

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

That garden shop is adorable!

I may be moving in the summer, so as a fresh start, I'd like to begin gardening again (particularly planting rose bushes).

Ah, Spring at last♥

cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
Another beautiful post! The gardening theme is on everyone's mind these days, March means Spring will come!

Really nice day here in New England, Ned even did some raking - a sure sign of Spring. The daffodils and crocus are beginning to peek thru - hope the deer don't eat them, (as they do every year).

Loved the peek at Bonnie's. I'm sure it was wonderful!

Thanks for sharing-
Love, Liz Xoxo

lilylovekin said...

I don't wear gloves either, I love the feel of the dirt in my hands and that cold wet feeling of the soaking my knees get through my pants. I want to get my hands on some of that ribbon!!!!

snowbird42 said...

I love nasturtiums too. and they are good on salads...peppery.
Still coldish here in Charlotte but things are getting warmer.
Dug weeds but long for flowers.

farmlady said...

Birds woke me up this morning.., now I know it's Spring.
I understand this Garden Center thing. I'm being pulled to Lowes and the local nursery on these beautiful warm and sunny days. It's getting worse by the hour. I can smell the manure now. The six-paks of pansies are calling my name.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Ok I am convinced I am coming over to shop!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the incredible photos of the the Cambria Pines Nursery. I love wandering around their beautiful grounds! I need to plan a trip to Cambria soon!

Best to you.

a mermaids purse said...

julie the beauty of your art and pottery leaves me with my mouth open in the sheer beauty of it- stunning!...a fairytales delight ;0)xxxx i often pop by just to see the lovely new pieces ;0)

Shelley said...

Lovely post...blessings on your week...

susan jenkins said...

Love all your pictures! The nursery and Bonnie's and that bird cage !!It is time to poke my head out and get in the spirit of Spring!
I love the poem too, it really did sort of sneak up on me!

Thanks for the nudge!
xx sis

Claire said...

Hey Julie, a lovely post and I love the red barn at the garden centre.
I am a bit stiff and sore after my gardening activities yesterday but sooo pleased I got stuck into it as today it is raining and this weather makes me think of crocheting.

I do wear gloves in the garden as we have spiders, millipedes which do bite so I have read and other little critters which I don't particularly like but my chooks do.

I often let them out of their run and they forage right alongside me. Their keen eyes pick up any movement in the soil, nothing escapes them!!

The photos of my garden are of the shrubbery and the shrubs are buddleia, philadelphus, camelia and a flowering quince. Your garden horizons sound absolutley delightful, it's a lovely time of year.
Thanks for dropping by and saying 'hi'

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Julie! What a lovely post! Still snow on the ground here and more coming tonight..sigh. But spring can't be too very far daffodils are up now. I am so so so so so ready for digging in the dirt! Will have to satisfy myself with starting some seeds indoors for now. Have a wonderful week! I got lots of complements on my new sweet green bird necklace yesterday when I wore it all day. And the hedgehog is a hit with my daycare of them was making up stories about HER the other day. Cute!

A Time to Dance said...

Hi Julie, your pictures are wonderful, I would love to visit that garden centre a far far cry from the ones we have over here! I also love nasturtiums mainly because you dont have to do anything and they bring such sunshine to a garden....still cold here and still no hot water at my house so your sunshine is bringing a little warmth into my life....

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thanks dear readers for you wonderful comments..........

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Julie!
Your garden center seems like a nice place, where you can spend both time and money!
The spring is VERY delayed here so there have been no visits to the garden center yet....

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Julie, another uplifting post! Love your hit and miss gardening - such beautiful flowers. Best wishes, Lesley

caramela said...

oh Julie, you make me wish I was more of a gardener-even if just to wear that hat!...I love the stone necklace-how unique and gorgeous!Thank you for an inspiring post!
Annamaria xx

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, I can hear nasturtiums calling me too Julie. I haven't seen a one yet, but I have been thinking of them with their gloriously vibrant colors. I enjoyed this post super much too. Thank you..

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible for you to post the name, city, and state of the store that is selling the chocolate bunny molds? (I'm assuming they are for sale.) I have been looking for a specific bunny mold for quite some time and I hope they might have it.

Thank you,

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

hello Anon,

Bonnies web site:
or just type in Birds of a Feather in Cambria, Calif. in the search bar. Its a wonderful store,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! My Mom has used the same chocolate bunny in the family Easter baskets for 30 years. But, the chocolate store in our town is no longer making our bunny. And they won't sell us the mold to make our own. So I have been looking for this particular mold for three years now. Hopefully, this store might have it.

Thanks again for your help,

Roseanna said...

The weather here has been beautiful, so unusual this early in the spring.
I am not a particularly good gardener (OK, I am really bad at it), but I do enjoy my herbs and baskets. Thank goodness for Mr. B.

Anonymous said...

Inspiration is hard to come by in our heat, things look flowery for now, and I so enjoy them. Loving the anise, basil and parsley gone to seed, butterfly larvae will come to those plants soon. I love the window boxes on my dining room window, the cats keep track of any moving creature, and I watch the flowers! I do love the furry donkey face that you are petting, so hard to resist!

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
Donkey with green paw