Monday, November 9, 2009

Bird party

All the lovely ladies waited patiently in line until they heard the shop bell ring, and Bonnie opened the door and welcomed them inside. The annual Christmas party then began.The name of Bonnie's shop is Bird's of a Feather, but everyone I know calls it 'Birds'. Full of antiques, books and craft, its as warm and charming as I hope these pictures show. It was wonderful to see friends there, like Dana, Barbara and Jana. And Marsha, those brown sugar cupcakes you made were delicious. I brought one home to Kim and he's dropping hints right and left about me wheedling that recipe out of you.
I even made a special necklace to go with my outfit. Remember the bits of pottery in my studio?
I added some new ones, found beads that reminded me of bird's eggs, and made some faience beads painted like shards of old transferware.

Ready to string on waxed linen thread, a new rabbit necklace.

I always drift to this cupboard at Birds. Full of old Children's books and herds of tiny animals.

My pottery was lucky enough to be represented at the show. Here is a cake topper, with slots for candles and animals marching in a circle singing happy birthday.

I thought I heard this black and white cow moo my name several times.

A collection of socks, stripey and othewise.

Bonnie carries these beautiful felt purses by Cindy Ferris. They are light and just the right size for a checkbook, lipstick and a little phone. This one flew home with me. What do you think, Liz? These remind me of you.
If you are in Cambria, do stop by. Birds is on 2020 Main Street in the old Creamery Building.
and there is a website too.

I promised a better picture of this bracelet by Pamela at Thatch and Burrow.
So here is Eve in the Garden. Isn't it something?


farmlady said...

How delightful!! I have got to visit Cambria sometimes next year.
Love the cake topper. What a wonderful idea. You're so full of wonderful ideas. C.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time at the Bird party. I like the cupboard too, especially the slightly scruffy oyster catchers. The cake topper is great and what a unique necklace! Bye for now. Lesley x

Shelley said...

Looks like a delightful place to shop at...thanks for sharing it with us. Love that little cake topper of yours....hope you have a blessed week....

Mary Wadsworth said...

Such a lovely shop:) Your cake topper and necklace are truly delightful!
Thanks for sharing,

cabin fever said...

Sooo great to see your pictures of Bonnie's Open House. Wish I lived closer. And - to be wearing that JW necklace original!!! LOVE IT, just like I love my 2 JW pins - the cottage and the rooster with the sequins, I wear them often. But the rabbit necklace.....!!!!

LOVE the cake topper, too. It's Ned's birthday on Saturday - hmmmmmm.

You are so right about the felt purse. I can just imagine it on my right arm. I better call Bonnie!

Thanks for sharing images of such a wonderful event. Wish I was there!

Xoxoo Liz

colleenbaptista said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. Birds of a feather looks delightful. I too would have to visit the childrens books and barn yard animals. I can't wait for you to share more of your necklace creations,it is truly charming*

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Ahhh.. Julie... such magical bits and baubles... I can hardly wait for my three cherished tea cups.

Thanks so much for making us smile.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

"Birds" looked charming....I LOVE your Birthday Cake Topper...with the animals...darling.....

And Marsha's cupcakes sound delicious too..

The Bird Party looked like alot of fun....Thanks for sharing it with us.


Pat said...

Oh, Julie, LOVE your "beads and bits" for stringing!!! Would love to visit that shop too....a great post! take care, pat

Wish on a Whisker said...

Julie~ Thanks for sharing these fun pictures! Your sweet cake topper makes my heart sing! And your necklace is so pretty! I truly love your creations! ~Mandy

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thanks you all, and Tracie, I'm making real progress........won't be too much longer


pammalu said...

julie! You should make some beads and sell them to Thatch and Burrow! ;) I would love to add some of your magical pieces to my jewelry!
Or..... sell some of your pretty necklaces on ETSY. I know I want one!

Bonnie Crawford said...

How lucky am I to first of all be a friend of yours and secondly, to have you feature my little store on your blog?! Thank you, sweet Julie, for being my friend and for all of your support and encouragement! Your work is such a special addition to both my store and my life! Hugs, Bonnie

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Animals marching in a circle singing happy birthday,
how lovely isn´t that, Julie?
I can see that you have a great little collection of vintage dolls too.
I got so happy and proud when I saw your comment on The Constant Gatherer! Thank you!
Have a great weekend and take good care of you

Maggie Ann said...

Ooo...that is Eve in the I really like your clever cake topper. I've never seen anything like that. You are gifted for sure, by God.=) I'm off to bed. Its gotten quite late here while I fought sleep to stay awake and watch a National Geographic show about a man diving in with sharks, proving that the metal mesh diving suit was shark proof. It was, but I imagine him having nightmares about the experience for years to come. Really!

Anonymous said...

heavy dog sigh. xoxox mld basil in the window sill!

oldflowers4me said...

ooooooooohh,your necklace -its so over the top divine.make some more....its like a fairys necklace.....

CathWren said...

Cambria is a fairy tale of a little town. Does it actually appear on maps, or do you need to click your heels together . . . Birds sounds like my kind of shop, I wish I could have adopted some of those little bisque dolls.

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Animals who garden
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