Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Have and To Hold

You are walking on a woodland path, and there on the earth in front of you lies a cup. Tell me, what does it look like? That is a question from a Victorian party questionairre; Each item you encounter on the path is a symbol for something. The cup is a metaphor for home. Of course it is. It warms your hands filled with black coffee or earl grey tea, and its a vessel, like a house is, to enclose comfort, ritual and nourishment.
Even a broken house that has been through troubled times and it's share of heartache can be pieced back together into something lovely again.

Every day most of us go through the same ritual. We stumble into the kitchen brew our drink of choice and reach for a favorite cup. Once it is filled with coffee, and in my case a tablespoon of honey and a dab of milk, we breathe, sip, and are ready to face the day. It's one of the common bonds that transcend everything else. You may be a librarian, a stevedore, or a diplomat, it doesn't matter. A hot morning beverage in your trusy cup is the great leveler.

Here's one with a butterfly for a naturalist, and another with a blossom and basket of flowers. For a dedicated gardener, or a dreamy type who likes fresh blooms from the farmer's market on the kitchen table. No green thumb required.

A walker, who likes to observe the out of doors at dusk. Hold on, I think I hear the kettle boiling now.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Treehouse, and stop in for another cup of friendship soon.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Thanks Julie, for showing your lovely, lovely pieces - yes, I really enjoyed my visit to the Tree House. BFN. Lesley

themagicalbean said...

Your pottery is so whimsical and beautiful at the same time. I love how you use nature so wonderfully!

Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Yes ! I LOVED my visit. Thanks for having us by. Do I smell blueberry tea bread? I think I do.


Pat said...

More whimsy and such sweetness! I think you are so cool! pat

farmlady said...

Oh, these cups are just charming, absolutely charming.
Is that a farmlady feeding her chickens on that plate?

oldflowers4me said...

you make my heart sing.

Judy said...

I love your pottery. You have such lovely pieces. I'm so glad Pat told me about you.

lilylovekin said...

Your pottery makes me so happy. Just looking at all the pieces brings me a simple joy. I'm so glad to have a little collection of my own started. Mr. bluebird looks lovely in my small group, I love him.

Andrea said...

Such wonderful cups, Julie! Thanks for the effort you make in so many ways to help us stay grounded in the beauty of nature and inspired by how talent can be made real in the world.
Happy weekend, Andrea

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you everyone for leaving a note at my door. And Andrea, what a lovely thing to say. Who are you?

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Dear Julie!
Your whimsical cups make me so happy!
The things you meet in your daily life are so important. I can´t live without beautiful things around me.
I drink my coffee in an antique red and white polkadotted cup. I can´t start the day without that!
I really appreciate your sweet comments on my blog.
Oh happy days

a mermaids purse said...

you have the most inspiring and beautiful, fairytale pottery! ;0)
its such a joy to see through ur blog every new little piece--such beauty and talent! love it!!

x kazzy x

robinandthesage said...

If i would find a teacup upon the forest floor, i think it would be decorated with ferns...

enchanting cups, as always Julie <3

Maggie Ann said...

What an exquisite an excellent tonic! I've loved your words and your wonderful cups.

susan jenkins said...

Beautiful work Julie, I just love every piece especially your piqueassiette cup. Love the hand painted pieces.

XO Susan

julie Haymaker thompson said...

The "broken "house is divine is this the first in this style??

libbyquilter said...

what a lovely way to start MY day; reading your post and considering cups and homes and loveing your style and artwork~!!~

my cup, hmmmmmmm, my cup would have a bumblebee down inside the bottom of it and lovely cottage flowers around the outside . . .


nina said...

missing you, missing our talks, missing missing missing. i've been remiss in touching base here - such lovelies - as always! a hug to kim for me xxxxx

daffodilhillantiques said...

I never fully understood why I have such attachment to certain kinds of things but in reading what you wrote about the cup being a metaphor for home it's all starting to make sense. I usually love to have my coffee in a sturdy mug with a substantial handle because I think I get strength from it. I hug the cup with my hands and through/under the handle and I do feel warmed and comforted by it. I feel the same way about an old quilt. When I wrap myself up in it, I feel a comradery with the women who must have all sat around and worked on it for hours at a time, pouring their love into it and sharing their joys and sorrows and, most importantly, their friendship.

I also especially love what you wrote about the broken house. I always appreciate the charm and see the potential in what some might call an old and run down house! It's hard to understand people who can't see it! (And I know they think there is something wrong with me, but really, who's the crazy one!?) ; )

I was just looking at my heart felt honey pot today and I just wanted to say again how much I really, really love it! It is just the sweetest and I feel so lucky to have won it! It's just another one of those things that makes me feel good inside when I see it/use it. Thanks again!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Julie, your work is absolutely magical!!!! I love your nature inspired pieces...I will continue to browse your blog and enjoy each and every thing!! xxoo, Dawn

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Animals who garden
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