Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Freshly Sprouted

I think I've found the perfect bowl slump mold. It's from the forties, and at 8 1/2 ", it's low and wide enough for cereal and fruit, chicken and dumplings or can be used to serve a side of spring green peas. Since its molded, that means the bowls are pretty much uniform and stackable. The pitcher is slab-made too, and scalloped at the rim with an added spout to make for better pouring. I'm making two deliveries this week, one to Bonnie at Birds, http://www.2birdsofafeather.com/ and one to Hands Gallery in San Luis Obispo. More on Hands Gallery in my next blog entry. For now, would you please pass the peas?


cabin fever said...

Hi Julie-
The pottery is just beautiful!! Yes, it is the "perfect" bowl! But - I love the pitcher, also.

I wish I could just drive over to Bonnie's to see it all in person.

It is just lovely - you have made my day!


farmhouse said...

I love the new bowl!!! Would be so great to use for pasta primavera, or a bowl of strawberries and biscuits with cream,I could see baby carrots steamed and tossed with butter and chervil...any spring vegetable freshly dug from the garden would look so pretty in that darling bowl. Even would be nice to hold fresh cream for a kittys breakfast treat..Happy Spring....

Animals who garden

Animals who garden
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